We are happy to present our new theme - Portfolios.

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Quick info guide

The logo

  • Recommended sizes: normal: 204px X 71px | retina: 408px X 142px
  • You can use wider logos (220px) but only if you don't use a retina version.
  • How to update the logo from theme customizer

The portfolio

  • Only the small images (half block) have a cropping height of 300px default. You can change the crooping height or you can use custom images of any size that don't get cropped.
  • The full width images are not cropped by height. Just by width (940px).
  • Use the Read more wordpress tag to separate the short description from the full contect of a project.

The shortcodes

  • Here is the full list of shortcodes with samples

The theme cusomizer