In this section we show you how to make a portfolio.

Make the categories for your portfolio

Categories are used to group you projects.

To create a category, log into your Wordpress admin panel and go to Portfolio -> Portfolio categories - see the following image:

Add new project

To create a project go to Portfolio -> Add new and give a name to your project:

Project content

The project content has two information parts. First part is The short description of the project and The long description/Project content - See images below

How to make the content

  • The short description(1) is all the content above the Read more
  • Insert a read more by pressing the Read more(2) button
  • the long description or project content(3) is all the content bellow the Read more. See theimage bellow to view all steps.

The long content supports grid columns for you content to make it responsive on all devices. See more information here.

Project image

The featured image is the photo that is used as the image of the project.

The theme supports custom colors and background images for every project that show on page.

For colors you have multiple options like:

  • a color from our predefined palette(1),
  • custom color(2) via color picker
  • random colors(3) - this will put a random color from our predefined palette at every refrash page,
  • or you can opt in for a nice fading color animation(4).

Also on every project page, you can select a background images(5).

Custom images are used if you want to set a custom image instead of the autocroped image of the featured image. See images below.

When you click on a project you have the option to open a URL instead of the drop down content.

To create a portfolio page to show your projects go to the Admin panel and create a new page from Pages -> Add New.


  • Set the Template page on Page Attributes as Portfolio(1)
  • On the Portfolio Category(2) set the category you want to show up on the page.


From Custom page layout you can set how the portfolio page will show your projects. The Theme has 4 types of boxes to show your project each box is in 2 styles:

Style and type list(1):
Style 1
  • Half block x 2
  • Full block + text below
  • Half block + right text
  • Half block + left text
Style 2
  • Half block x 2
  • Full block + text below
  • Half block + right text
  • Half block + left text

To add a style add new section(2) and select a style.

Important All the blocks are rendered in a loop.

Sample with all style and type:

Style 1

Half block x 2

Full block + text bellow

Half block + right text

Full block + left text

Style 2

Half block x 2

Full block + text bellow

Half block + right text

Full block + left text

On the Portfolio page settings you can set the sorting of the projects(1). Theme support via our plugin(2) to sort the projects with drag'n drop. Set Custom via plugin and then go to Portfolio -> Reorder posts to sort your projects.

Info This plugin is FREE. Download the post sorter plugin.

To add a gallery in your project description follow the steps below:

Open for edit a project page and click the Add Media button.


Click on Create Gallery(1), then select the images you want to use in the gallery(2) and then click to Create a new Gallery(3)


Now you can make some settings like number of columns or you can sort your gallery. When done, click Insert gallery


Important Switch the wordpress editor to text mode (top right).

The gallery will generate a shortcode like this: [gallery ids="388,387,386"]

Shortcode support some parameters, to fit the gallery with your theme, just put in shortcode size="half-grid"

The final code should look like this: [gallery size="half-grid" ids="388,387,386"]

The height of the thumb images have a default value size of 300px. That value is the height of the featured images that wordpress crop it. Important That size is just for Half Width blocks. The full width blocks will not be cropped.

Half block

Half block + right text


To change that size go to Theme customizer from Appearance -> Themes -> Customize and then open Portfolios: Portfolio section. There you will find the Small picture height settings.


Important If you change this settings you have to rebuild all thethumb images using a simple plugin called AJAX Thumbnail Rebuild. Install the plugin and go to Tools -> Rebuid Thumbnails and make the settings like in images below.

The excerpt leght is used to limit the text from the Short description only for the Half block x 2 type.

This settings is from the Theme customizer in Portfolios: Portfolio and it has a default value of 22 words.