Today News Africa

Today News Africa is a widely read and respected American publication that addresses the continent of Africa in news to provide relevant information for people and business from around the world.

The Challenges

'Read how small the world is’ could be the perfect description of the Today News Africa project. They bring Africa closer and make it part of our daily reading, linking people and businesses together.

As a heavy-loaded content website, Today News Africa was striving to create a seamless user experience. The project needed the skillful touch of a web design & development agency to optimize the website' processes to deliver to the audience expectations and above.

Project Goals:

  • Create a lighter and faster WordPress website for the worldwide audience
  • Increase flexibility in publishing content
  • Create a smooth & engaging user experience
  • Optimize the page loading speed on the website

Striving for Perfection

Understanding the goals of the project, our digital solution involves a code audit and an optimization of the website' code to make it use the available resources efficiently. We've dived into the processes and optimized the website to perform at its best.

On the new, clean structure, our web designers draw an easily to navigate and engage experience for the website's visitors to increase interest. Fully responsive design, the Today News Africa website project makes a seamless transition for desktop and all mobile devices creating a smooth user experience.

Our skillful web developers gave the content creators in the Today News Africa website project more flexibility in publishing articles using fewer, but more versatile elements on pages.