tagDiv Opt-In Builder

tagDiv Opt-In Builder

Version 1.4.3
Release date: May 18th, 2023

Release notes:

tagDiv Opt-In Builder - Version: 1.4.3

  • improvement: My Account - prevent profile picture upload for users that have not activated their account;
  • improvement: Menu login - Added the option display the dropdown directly, without the need to trigger it with the toggle;
  • fix: Captcha on Leads shortcode;
  • fix: Page layout with comments;
  • fix: css fixes;

tagDiv Opt-In Builder - Version: 1.4.2 - Download

  • fix: Security Update;
  • fix: TD Subscription - translation
  • fix: full price discount for stripe subscriptions;

tagDiv Opt-In Builder - Version: 1.4.1 - Download

  • new: Added the possibility to limit publishing of posts/cpts directly from the subscription plans (Important! If you use publish post restriction based on pland ID's from Posts Form Submit shortcode and Post List shortcodes, now you need to setup those restrictions directly on each plan.)
  • new: Stripe subscriptions trial days support;
  • improvement: Added class on body if content is locked;
  • fix: Display wrong locker type in admin Locked column;
  • fix: No subscription user - js error;

tagDiv Opt-In Builder - Version: 1.4 - Download

  • new: Stripe recurring payments;
  • new: Google reCaptcha on the leads and email locker;
  • new: Email notifications system;
  • new: Individual user billing details;
  • improvement: Added the option to select a default payment method and to change the labels' texts;
  • fix: Double opt-in on email.

tagDiv Opt-In Builder - Version: 1.3.3 - Download

  • fix: Security Update - Removed the Facebook login for security concerns.

tagDiv Opt-In Builder - Version: 1.3.2 - Download

  • new: Coupon system
  • new: Page account: added the ability to replace the dashboard page with a custom one;
  • new: 5 Custom pages options for the Menu login shortcode;
  • new: 5 Custom pages options for the Page account shortcode;
  • new: Option to set an Email list on each plan - useful if you want to get all emails in a list of members subscribed to a plan;
  • new: Your profile account can be edited via a custom form page with additional fields;
  • new: Lockers on CPT & Page;
  • new: Leads shortcode has Double Opt-in option;
  • new: Enable/disable TDS lockers for post types option in the theme panel;
  • new: Cancel Subscription option;
  • new: Added the possibility to redirect to a custom URL on the checkout page;
  • new: Option to hide Rows, Inner Rows, Columns, and Inner Columns based on an active subscription or an active subscription of post type author;
  • new: WPML support for subscription Pages;
  • improvement: Stripe payment > billing details full name & email;
  • fix: Currency space;
  • fix: Some translations were missing;
  • fix: Utf-8 collation Opt-in builder;
  • fix: Hide wp_admin bar just for subscribers on WP multisite;
  • fix: Issue if it is a free plan, but the price is set up.

tagDiv Opt-In Builder - Version: 1.3.1 - Download

  • new: Opt-In Builder - Menu Login - Added the option to disable the dropdown menu;
  • new: Google ReCaptcha also applies on Subscription Login/Register;
  • fix: Locker on standard blog page;
  • fix: CSS fix for Checkout shortcode.

tagDiv Opt-In Builder - Version: 1.3 - Download

  • new: Added Stripe Payment support;
  • fix: Remove unsubscribed email from a membership list - only for subscribers created starting with this version of the plugin
  • fix: Fixed an issue with the Page Account shortcode.

tagDiv Opt-In Builder - Version: 1.2.1 - Download

  • new: Added a new shortcode to allow users to unsubscribe from all mailing lists - Leads Unsubscribe Button;
  • new: Email locker support with caching plugins. Option available in Opt-In Builder → Subscriptions → Settings
  • improvement: Display the Unsubscribe button. It becomes available if a user has already subscribed to a list;
  • improvement: Option to show locked posts for admins/editors/authors & contributors;
  • fix: Calendar next/prev icons not displaying properly;
  • fix: Payment redirect;
  • fix: Redirect user with subscriptions on the subscription flow;

tagDiv Opt-In Builder - Version: 1.2 - Download

  • new: Frontend translations support with .po/.mo or directly from Theme Panel → Translations;
  • new: Options to change currency, position, and separators from Opt-In Builder → Subscriptions → Settings;
  • new: Option to edit an active subscription with a new price (Next price). This is very useful if you want to increase/decrease an active subscription price;
  • new: Options in the tagDiv Composer to design and style the Page account shortcode;
  • new: Options in the tagDiv Composer to design and style the Page checkout shortcode;