Newspaper Theme: What’s new in v.9

Newspaper 9 - What's New Version

For the second time in less than a year, we are excited to introduce you to the next generation theme that enhances the way you create your website. After the implementation of the landing page elements in Newspaper 8.5, we have turned our attention to articles. For us, Newspaper 9 is a cornerstone update. Why?

Because we are now entering into a new age for news websites. There’s no need to tenuously spend hours coding any change to your articles. You can quickly do it right on the frontend, directly from the tagDiv Composer page builder. Newspaper 9 makes you more productive and more creative. It helps you create and design your project faster and easier than ever before.

So What’s new?

420+ handcrafted elements are waiting for you in the tagDiv Cloud Library. More than an extensive collection of shortcodes, the library is the core of your new creative inspiration. Try it and say hello to the new you – the skillful web designer.

Flexibility is no longer about homepages. With Newspaper 9, all the templates like single posts, categories, author, contact us, tags are now customizable. Directly from the tagDiv Composer and right on the frontend! Take it for a test drive.



Breathtaking articles and posts

Unlimited layouts ready for your articles. Our designers handcrafted over 40 templates for single posts. Each one is highly customizable, so you can create as many unique layouts as you want. With Newspaper 9 is easy to develop a framework for your content, then dynamically apply it across your website with one click.

140+ customizable sections

The moment you’ve been waiting has arrived. Add extra shortcodes like a Call-to-Action section to your articles to boost your traffic and conversions. Just edit the template, and you can add and customize a variety of elements:

  • call to action
  • hero sections
  • product presentation
  • pricing tables
  • team presentation
  • image galleries
  • client logos
  • & more…

30+ contact and about pages

Most of the websites out there use just one contact or about page, and usually, it’s just a dull part of the site. In tagDiv Cloud Library, you’ll discover over a dozen specific pages created by our designers especially to enhance your website. Choose the one you like and customize it to perfection!

10 brand-new category templates

With the beautiful templates in tagDiv Cloud Library, shaping each category of your website is a child’s play. Edit the layout, the featured images, fonts, colors, everything. All the templates use an enhanced posts loop that allows you to display the articles precisely the way you like it. Build spectacular category pages!


Newspaper 9 - New Category Templates


24 New Fancy Footers

The footer is an essential part of the website design. Start paying attention to it. Dozens of delightful footer templates ensure you have the right balance of information, design, and usability. Minimal or complex footer designs, you can now customize each pixel to get the most of every page in your project.


Newspaper 9 - New Fancy Footers


5 shapes for Flex Block

Power up your website with Newspaper WordPress Theme and 5 variations of Flex Block. Now, the sky’s the limit! You can create any online content design you like, or you can imagine. We’ve put them to work and created 84 pre-built templates you can easily import on posts and pages from tagDiv Cloud Library. You’ll love them: dazzling design, advanced filters, responsive editing, fully customizable, and no CSS to code!


Explore new templates

Of course, we didn’t neglect the rest of the WordPress standard templates. Take a look at the masterfully designed search page, attachment, date/archive, and tag page template. All the templates are waiting for you neatly organized in the Cloud Library.

Enter the tagDiv Composer to make any further adjustments to your templates. Change the font families and styling, drag and drop more elements to your page. The frontend page builder is your playground and designing can be your conquest/ main quest. The result? A beautiful page or post for your audience to enjoy.

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Radu O.
Radu O.
Passionate for coding, I enjoy designing systems that are easy to use. I'm the one who makes sure the code is clean, the team is cheerful and the customers are happy.


  1. Hi, I purchased the Newsmag. I started using tagDiv Composer and had some issues so I deleted it and reinstalled it. Now Hero element and some other elements are missing. How do I know I’ve got the latest version and if I don’t where do I get it from?

    Great plugin

  2. Hi Alina,

    I am an old customer. I never was able to set up your theme with a front end page or submission form for all my writers.

    Do you have a service or expert what can do that for me?

    Looking forward to your response,


    • Hi Lucy,
      Thank you for using our product for so long :). Please include this message into a new topic on or via email at and our support team will advise you. Thank you for understanding!

  3. Hi Alina,
    We are much interested in Newspaper 9 WordPress theme.
    But we don’t have credit card or PayPal account to buy the theme.
    We are from India.
    Is there any other suitable mode of payment.
    Have you got an office in India.
    Pls guide. Thanks…

  4. Hello. I really like the Book Club demo and would like to purchase it. However, I couldn’t find it in the Pre-designed Templates – tagDiv Cloud Library. Is there a pre-designed Book Club homepage?

    • Hi Sam,
      Thank you for your interest :). The Book Club demo comes packed with the Newspaper Theme, and you can import it with a single click, and customize it as you prefer. A demo is actually a pre-made full website design, which includes pages, posts, and also the homepage. Please follow this link – to purchase the Newspaper Theme. If you have more pre-sale questions, please send us an email at Thank you!

  5. Why is this theme not defined as “multipurpose” ?. Td composer is in better shape than others, although it lacks many features.

    • Hi,
      Thank you for reaching out! Our page builder is specially created and integrated with our themes, for the blog, news, and magazine industry. The tagDiv Composer is not sold separately and cannot work with other themes, as it’s bundled with Newspaper and Newsmag templates. If you have more pre-sale questions, please send us an email at

  6. I have been using newspaper theme 2 years now and I am quite satisfied with its performance. Is there any way I can update my old version with the this awesome new one.

  7. HI, I’m in trouble so I’ve written about the problem, here
    the images in main page doesn’t appear or appear very slowly, so I’ve checked my Search Consol and I’ve found an error with my server which direct WP-content/theme/Newspaper.
    error name is ‘500’. I think this error occurs in Theme that I installed. even images didn’t index no more.
    if my thought is right, how can I solve this problem ? Do I delete this theme and then re-install ?

  8. Dear friends.
    I already bought your theme about one year ago, and finally found the free time to start my fitness project on . Can you let me know for some details?
    1. When the header builder function will be alive, now the header building is limited. I think this is the last area, which can not be modified via TD composer
    2. The predefined areas, pages, posts in TD composer – is this final number or do you plan to add more full pre-prepared layouts? I would be nice to add more and more continously – you are professionals designers. Your results will be much better than mine.
    3.JSON – do you plan to add full JSON support, at this time I think it is not, I have better traffic on sites with full JSON structured murkup sites, than without this murkup. I mean in all areas (post, pages, everywhere on the site)
    Thank you for your opinion.

    Best for you, David

  9. Hi, I own Version 8.x of the theme, installed and currently updated … I’ve downloaded new V. 9 but, while installing it I get an error regarding the already existing folder where the theme will be installed. Is there a chance to have V. 8 automatically upgraded? Do I have to follow particular steps to avoid to crash the actual theme? Many thanks. Paolo.

  10. Hello. I planned to purchase your theme, but I dont know if it is possible to integrate theme with real estate system (any of available) which have front registration functionality. Additionally, I would like to integrate more functionalities like travel reservation etc. I don’t want to lose current page structure and only your theme satisfied me for now (no possibility to test 🙁 )…
    Than you

    • Hi Nele! We are happy you are interested in our themes, thank you! Unfortunately, we haven’t tested real estate plugins with our theme, and we cannot advise you if they will work properly. We have a list of compatible plugins – If you have more pre-sale questions, please send us an email at Thank you!

    • Hi Paul,

      Thank you for your interest in our product! We’ll be happy to respond to your queries, though please provide more details about what kind of registration facility you are looking for, and also for the online payment gateway. Please send the information via email at Thank you!

  11. Wow! I am following Newspaper updates from last year, but Newspaper 9.0 has made me sure to go for it without any hesitation. I own an affiliate site, which needs a landing page and a dynamic blog with beautiful CTAs. Looking forward for this theme for my new blog.
    Thanks TagDiv Team.
    Cheers 🙂

    • Hi Jayson,

      Thank you for reaching out to us! The theme will work properly on the WordPress Gutenberg version. We’ll have full support for it, but please note that the Gutenberg cannot use the tagDiv Composer blocks, grids or flex blocks. Thank you for your interest!

  12. Newspaper is an amazing theme! I have a choose correct, now building a website is very simple, fast and convenient! Thanks tagDiv!

  13. Dear Team,
    I m requesting you to please work on AMP version because current market we needed this part which we fill missing with newspaper theme missing.

    Waiting for Update.

  14. I have been using Newspaper from the v5. It is one of my best decisions to buy this amazing package. Newspaper gives me the flexibility to design my blog. Thanks a lot tagdiv team for this amazing creation.


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