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Newsmag WordPress Theme Showcase - EaFeed
"The experience with Newsmag is amazing and satisfying."
If you’re looking for education news, how to’s, or interesting biographies across East Africa.
Newsmag WordPress Theme Showcase - Travels Promo
“Great theme with a lot of customization. It makes my website beautiful and as fast as possible. Thank you, guys. Great Job!”
By navigating on the Indonesian Travels Promo blog you can read information on the best hotel offers, low-cost airline tickets, and other holiday promotions.
Newsmag WordPress Theme Showcase - DubCNN
“Been using Newsmag since 2015. It’s a simple and easy to use experience and is always expanding functionality.”
DubCNN is a clean music-based website, with news, videos, and interviews with well-known artists from the West Coast of US.
Newsmag Showcase - ePodravina
“Found it easy and powerful to form the grid articles we wanted. Made a lot of tweaks and hacks to get all details in place.”
ePodravina is a news portal that captures all the events in the region of Podravina. It contains various informative, entertaining content.
Newsmag Showcase -Panorama
“Great features, great theme."
Panorama is an online news portal from Albania. Discover amazing articles on lifestyle, sport, chronicles, politics, economics, culture, and more. Panorama is also a well appreciated daily newspaper in Tirana.
Newsmag Showcase - My Uk Visa
“I am really fond of your theme. Very easy to use and very customer oriented features.”
This is a Russian blog created to deliver the latest news and verified information on applying for a British Visa.
Newsmag Showcase - Top Magazin Frankfurt
‘Simply a great experience!’
With a great success, this German online publication is publishing top notch stories from business, lifestyle, arts and more.
Newsmag Theme Showcase - My Lefkada
“I am simply in love with your theme!”
My Lefkada is a “city” news website. Actually is all about the life on the beautiful Greece island Lefkada, providing travel, food, traditions and useful daily news.
Newsmag Theme Showcase - Flavour Mag
“Amazing theme! Newsmag is perfect for my website. I had a few issues along the way, but its nothing that hasn't been sorted out via the forum.”
Flavour Mag is a lifestyle magazine website from England, that publishes the latest news from fashion, movies, music and new trends from the entertainment industry.