McDonald's Carieer Project

McDonald’s is a modern website that invites the targeted audience to discover job and career opportunities available in Poland.

The Challenges

If there is a company that knows how to convey powerful messages to its targeted audience, then McDonald’s is the one. The Poland subsidiary contacted us to help them create a website compliant with the international brand identity while providing solutions for career search and easy site management.

In the McDonald's project, the client asked us to design the WordPress website according to the idea the client provided.

Project Goals:

  • Design the WordPress career website
  • Give the website owners all the tools to publish content easily
  • Create a beautiful web design for blog page and articles
  • Create a smooth & engaging user experience for visitors

Web Design Solution

The digital solution we proposed to the client was an integrated approach to user experience. As a result, we've created a website that combines a well-structured site design as a robust, future-proof foundation with all the SEO best practices. The new website built in the McDonald's web design and development project gives the website owners all the advantages to grow their business.

The website created in this web design project is responsive and also easy to use by non-technical personnel. The team can quickly create and publish content, add media files and optimize everything with a few clicks. As a result, the team can focus on their main activities and creating content rather than managing the website.

What we helped with

User Experience

Easy to use for non-tech personnel

Audience Targeted Design

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