Newsmag 2.2 update – New plugins for WooCommerce

Newsmag 2.2 was just released and in this version we made some major UI improvements and a lot of under the hood optimization. We also improved the WooCommerce experience by adding our two new plugins: tagDiv woo invoicing and tagDiv label maker

New small loader

Designed to be shown on infinite loading and load more pages the new smaller loader fits better with the overall aspect of the theme.


Infinite loading on categories

This is the first version of Newsmag that comes with configurable pagination options on each category. You can choose between:

  • normal pagination – will show a numbered pagination at the bottom of the page
  • infinite loading pagination – when the theme detects that the user approaches the bottom area of the page, it will load the next page via ajax. Because the user will reach the end of the page only after all the posts from that category are shown, this approach is only recommended if you don’t have a footer or have a very simple footer.
  • infinite loading pagination + load more – this option loads two pages as the user scrolls down and after that it shows a load more button. This way the user can also reach the footer of the site easly

WooCommerce plugins

As WooCommerce becomes more popular we decided to add better support in Newspaper for this eCommerce platform.

We built two new plugins for WooCommerce: tagDiv Woo Invoice and tagDiv Woo Label. If you have an online store we hope that you will find them useful and as always we welcome any suggestions and feature requests for them.


The full list of improvements

  • new: we are using a new less compiler for the css. This prepares our theme for the next stage when we will optimize css delivery based on settings and components used
  • new: this is the first version of our ajax preloader. The preloader loads the ajax subcategories on the initial pageload, this provides a better user experience and in some cases a better performance if the initial page is cache.
  • new: all categories now have an option for infinite loading + load more instead of pagination
  • new: wooCommerce label maker plugin with support for label Dymo label printer
  • fix: on the ad block the sidebar ad spot cannot be selected since the last visual composer update
  • improvement: a big part of the themes JavaScript now passes jsHint and complies to WordPress JavaScript Coding standards
  • fix: live ajax search box in specific circumstances was linking to categories instead of the actual search results
  • improvement: infinite loader now has a loading animation
  • fix: issue with ajax subcategories. If you clicked them fast enough there was a chance that they will desynchronized with the content, showing the wrong content.
  • fix: the smart sidebar animates better now when it’s used with the smart affix menu
  • fix: we added the alt tag to placeholder feature images and the thumb disabled images
  • new: wooCommerce invoicing plugin
  • improvement: mega menu ajax loading now works smoother and the animation is top to bottom
  • fix: security issue with the ajax code that handles the sidebars.
  • improvement: we improved the loading animation, when needed it’s smaller and it looks better
  • improvement: the latest version of revolution slider is available

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Radu O.
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