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"The theme connects with the user creativity!"
Ordes is an online portal that defines the vales and beliefs of many people united in an international association. Social projects, volunteering, and sustainable development are some of the interests.
Pedal Ogni Giorno
"The Newsmag theme is easy, full, dynamic, flexible."
Pedal Ogni Giorno is a personal blog driven by the passion for sustainability and cycling mobility. It provides quality advice and podcasts on all bicycle types, tours, and many more.
Georgina Post
"Newsmag is very easy to customize and comes with useful plugins."
Georgia Post is the online version of a local newspaper from Ontario, Canada. Using a clean layout, it publishes daily news, latest community & charity events, lifestyle, and environment articles.
Piracy Monitor
"Great theme, and the technical support is excellent and patient."
If you're looking out for a real source of information about digital piracy such as content, advertising, programming, the Piracy Monitor website is everything you need.
eafeed - Newsmag showcase
"The experience with Newsmag is amazing and satisfying."
If you’re looking for education news, how to’s, or interesting biographies across East Africa.