Version 5.4.2
Release date: November16th, 2023

Release notes:

Newsmag - Version: 5.4.2

  • new: WordPress 6.4 compatibility;
  • new: Google reCaptcha will apply also on WP Register page;
  • new: Steam integration in Social Counter plugin;
  • new: Hide Mobile Menu and Mobile Search options in Theme Panel;
  • new: Height option in the CSS tab of the elements;
  • improvement: Dequeued Gutenberg block library CSS on pages using tagDiv Composer blocks or on any other page excluding posts, CPTs or regular pages;
  • improvement: Authors box – Authors can now be sorted randomly;
  • improvement: We've updated the Revolution Slider plugin to the latest version;
  • fix: Demo import PHP warning;
  • fix: Single Background Image – replaced ‘a’ tag with ‘span’ when url is not set;
  • fix: Extra class on Video Embed shortcode;
  • fix: Scroll issue on Mobile Search;
  • fix: Featured image option doesn’t appear when Mobile + AMP is set;
  • fix: Twitter new logo;
  • fix: Page templates settings section doesn’t appear;
  • fix: Social Share issue;
  • fix: Execute reCaptcha code for comments only if the Theme Panel option is enabled;
  • fix: Adapted the ‘readable_color’ method to also deal with #RRGGBBAA, #RRGGBB, rgba() and rgb() color formats;
  • fix: Facebook account cached data;
  • fix: Facebook business updates and get image(save media image as attachment);
  • fix: Current/active page for List Menu items shortcode;

Newsmag - Version: 5.4.1

  • fix: XSS vulnerability – courtesy to Automattic team;

Newsmag - Version: 5.4

  • IMPORTANT: Security Update - Please update your theme to the latest version.
  • new: Wordpress latest version compatibility;
  • new: Embed Video shortcode;
  • new: Multiple taxonomies filter on blocks;
  • new: Option to limit TP backups;
  • improvement: Open posts in new tab on blocks;
  • improvement: We have updated the Google fonts list;
  • improvement: We’ve updated the Revolution Slider plugin to the latest version;
  • improvement: Open in general modal post content images without media link;
  • improvement: Option to us Google recaptcha global domain;
  • improvement: List Menu shortcode ;
  • fix: Security update;
  • fix: Footer Instagram with personal account;
  • fix: Self hosted video;
  • fix: Yoast analyzer;
  • fix: Removed wp_getimagesize() from header/footer logo;
  • fix: Other css fixes;

Newsmag - Version: 5.3

  • new: Option to set a loader image;
  • new: Added Twitch to Social Counter;
  • new: Mega Menu – Support for the Taxonomy term;
  • new: Option to hide Rows and Columns for the logged-in users or visitors;
  • improvement: Added dynamic cpt class on modules;
  • improvement: Custom label option is available also for CPT;
  • improvement: Option to remove via from Twitter share url;
  • improvement: Google Recaptcha will also apply to Comments;
  • improvement: Set video thumbnail as Featured Image on CPT;
  • improvement: Option in Theme Panel to enable/disable for AggregateRating Schema;
  • improvement: Get image from external URL on Single Background Image shortcode;
  • improvement: Image position option for Single Background Image;
  • improvement: Support for Vimeo unlisted videos;
  • improvement: Added KakaoStory, Koo & GETTR share/icon and Strava social icon;
  • improvement: We've updated the Revolution Slider plugin to the latest version;
  • improvement: We've updated the WP Bakery plugin to the latest version;
  • improvement: Replaced attachment_url_to_postid() function with wp_getimagesize() one for logo sizes;
  • improvement: Option to Enable/Disable the lightbox effect on the Gutenberg Gallery shortcode;
  • fix: Exchange API;
  • fix: Added option in Theme Panel for “nofollow” link on module thumbnail;
  • fix: Remove login modal html when registration is not needed;
  • fix: Reset for theme’s Gutenberg settings;
  • fix: Issue adding modal when custom url is set on image;
  • fix: Subcategories appear now on widgets filter;
  • fix: Tiktok on the Social Counter;
  • fix: MailerLite issue on tagDiv Newsletter plugin;
  • fix: Facebook login;
  • fix: Fixed a fatal error coming from Opt-In Builder;
  • fix: Disable Mobile Theme on an individual page with Child Theme active;
  • fix: Scroll on the mobile menu/mobile search click;
  • fix: Remove AMP when Mobile Theme is disabled on an individual page;
  • fix: Page templates settings on WordPress > 6.0;
  • fix: Admin URL exposed in source code;
  • fix: Ajax loop vulnerability;

Newsmag - Version: 5.2.3

  • fix: Added an extra security check to avoid potential vulnerability in Theme Options.

Newsmag - Version: 5.2.2

  • fix: Security Update - Removed the Facebook login for security concerns.

Newsmag - Version: 5.2.1

  • new: WordPress 6.0 compatibility;
  • new: Added Facebook Login functionality;
  • new: Option to exclude posts from specific tag on blocks (-slug);
  • new: Captcha on comment submit;
  • new: Option to disable the sticky menu on the Mobile Theme;
  • new: Option to set the background color for mobile navigation toolbar from Theme Panel;
  • improvement: Added the WhatsApp social icon;
  • improvement: Raw Html ACE editor;
  • improvement: Added show posts/comments options on Authors Box;
  • improvement: Video Popup Ad – Added do_shortcode() support;
  • improvement: Added home.php template on Mobile Theme - used by page_for_posts blog
  • improvement: We've updated the Revolution Slider plugin to the latest version;
  • improvement: 'Review' schema now works with points and percents;
  • improvement: Added nofollow option in Theme Panel for block thumbnail;
  • improvement: Added Subtitle, Source and Via on CPT Settings;
  • improvement: Exclude current post from blocks;