Version 12.2
Release date: January 9th, 2023

Release notes:

Newspaper - Version: 12.2

  • new: Added the Woo Archive Background Image shortcode;
  • new: Dedicated Plugins for Prebuilt Websites - Explore a new section on the tagDiv Plugins page;
  • new: Added Custom Icon option to Social Icons shortcode;
  • new: Added WooCommerce downloads page option on Menu login;
  • new: Option to enable/disable Reviews system;
  • improvement: Taxonomy filters support on search template;
  • improvement: Singe Post User Reviews Form - added the possibility to customize the "Limit Reached" notification;
  • improvement: Added an option to display checkboxes on the Form Input in one or more columns per row;
  • improvement: Replaced attachment_url_to_postid() function with wp_getimagesize() one for logo sizes;
  • improvement: Added External image option on the Single background image shortcode;
  • improvement: Added missing translations for the Flex Loop Sorting Options;
  • improvement: Added Title Tag for SEO on the "Column Text" and "Title with text" shortcodes;
  • improvement: Added WPML support for the Post Category Template option;
  • improvement: Tabbed content - Style 1 tabs are now horizontally scrollable;
  • improvement: Posts Form elements - Admins now can edit other users' posts;
  • improvement: Posts list - Categories, tags, and custom taxonomies can now also be displayed as columns;
  • improvement: Posts list - When deleting or publishing a post, the user is first prompted for confirmation;
  • improvement: Posts list - The option to insert an Additional Description field after the posts.
  • improvement: Single Post Categories - "Show parent category first" option now takes into account multiple hierarchy terms;
  • improvement: Posts List - Added filters support;
  • improvement: Woo Product Description renders shortcodes;
  • improvement: Coupons can be filled on the checkout page;
  • improvement: Option to Enable/Disable the lightbox effect on the Gutenberg Gallery shortcode;
  • improvement: Save page - Added a dropdown list with options to save the header, footer, or content separately;
  • improvement: We've updated the Revolution Slider plugin to the latest version;
  • improvement: WPML support for tagDiv Cloud Woo templates;
  • fix: Facebook login;
  • fix: Fixed missing "Extra class" setting on some blocks;
  • fix: Fixed a fatal error coming from Opt-In Builder;
  • fix: Form Input: Border radius now also affects checkboxes and radio buttons;
  • fix: Posts Form Submit/User Update Form Submit: Fixed an issue with horizontal alignment;
  • fix: PHP 8.1 warning on Background Featured Image when the post has no featured image;
  • fix: Disable Mobile Theme on an individual page with Child Theme active;
  • fix: Fixed an issue where the searched address contains a 'postal_town' type of address instead of the usual 'locality';
  • fix: Fixed an issue with checkboxes when there is not enough space to display the labels on the Form Input element;
  • fix: Hide for visitors - on the Button and Custom Field shortcode;
  • fix: Hiding elements on mobile templates;
  • fix: Remove the theme layout settings from the ACF post type;
  • fix: SVG on the Hero shortcode;
  • fix: You cannot delete color if you remove the Global Color name;
  • fix: Displaying category post template in admin bar;
  • fix: The option to hide the "Add to cart form" on simple products when the product is out of stock;
  • fix: Scroll on the mobile menu/mobile search click;
  • fix: If the comment field is not completed with reCaptcha, you get WP errors;
  • fix: Remove AMP when Mobile Theme is disabled on an individual page;
  • fix: Mailerlite for tagDiv Newsletter plugin;
  • fix: Using live content on the Cloud template preview;
  • fix: The dropdown icon doesn't appear on the Select Variation element on the cart;
  • fix: Applying fonts on Posts List;
  • fix: Page templates settings on WordPress > 6.0;
  • fix: View Global post standard template in admin bar on WPML;
  • fix: Ad box - "Hide ads for subscribed users" option not working for admins/editors;
  • fix: Social icons - fixed an issue with the 'Order social icons' option;
  • fix: Flex Loop Filters - An issue with multi-select dropdowns and added the ability to unselect an option from the dropdown;
  • fix: Admin URL exposed in source code;
  • fix: Other css fixes;

Newspaper - Version: 12.1.1

  • fix: Added an extra security check to avoid potential vulnerability in Theme Options.

Newspaper - Version: 12.1

  • fix: Security Update - Removed the Facebook login for security concerns (until we fix it).

Newspaper - Version: 12

  • new: Directory and Listings system: includes Forms Builder for Unlimited Listing Types, ACF Custom Fields Support, Listings Submission Limit, Manage Listings Approval, Unlimited Single Listing Templates, Monetize your directory website, Integrated with Google Maps, User Reviews support, and much more → view What's New page
  • new: Frontend Post Submission: includes Post Submission Limit, Form Builder, Guest Post Support, Custom Taxonomy Support, Unlimited Custom Fields Support, and much more → view What's New page
  • new: Contact Form Builder (leads and emails): includes Manage Leads, Forms Builder, Compatible with tagDiv Opt-in builder, and much more → view What's New page
  • new: User Review system: includes Multiple and Unlimited Criteria Reviews, Admin Reply, Manage Review Approval, Works with any Custom Post Type, and much more →