Frankenkids - The Cheerful Family Magazine

The Frankenkids is a colorful and cheerful german family magazine for the metropolitan region of Nuremberg. This web design and web development project was a successful collaboration between tagDiv and Websulting agency.

The Challenges

Do you know how kids make friends? They love to play together, share toys, and enjoy the ride. It's also the best way to describe this project which accidentally is a small family magazine with the targeted audience as adults with children. Alex and his team from Websulting contacted us to support his team to implement this project.

With the design already approved and the implementation well beyond half of the project, Alex requested our skillful team's assistance. He needed to speed up the web design, create functionality customizations, and deliver the project on time.

Project Goals:

  • Creating visual alterations for a professional and sophisticated website;
  • Creating the web version of the design for layouts;
  • Improving the user experience on the website across multiple devices;
  • Creating code customizations to enhance website functionality;
  • Empowering the project team with additional talents

Solutions and Results

Our digital solution involved adding skills and power to our customer's team to speed up the implementation. For this, we've assigned a team of three experts: a senior WordPress front-end developer (web designer), a senior PHP backend developer, and a project manager.

Our designer worked side-by-side with the German team to create that magic touch on pages, article templates, categories, navigation, header, footer, and more. At the same time, the PHP developer implemented the code customizations for the functionality required by the project, like inherited colors between articles and pages.

The results? The new design is almost invisible. The visitors' attention is naturally focused on the easy-to-interact-with content. The website is elegant, modern, and responsive, delivering an excellent user experience on all devices. And, the essential aspect, the customer is happy with the new website. Click the View Live Site button and explore the website to see the result of this harmonious collaboration!

tagDiv was very helpful, they understood what to do right away, and I got a finished website in no time. So I would recommend the tagDiv team right away! No doubt they are experts in using their theme, and additionally, they solve all my other requirements.

Alex Mildner

owner of the Websulting Digital Agency

What we helped with

Web Design & Improving UX

Code & Web Development

New skills for external team

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