La Seguridad - Cybersecurity

La Seguridad is a modern Mexican website that delivers news on cyber threats and educates its audience about prevention & minimizing losses associated with computer security.

The Challenges

What does an excellent start for a specialized tech news website look like? For the La Seguridad website owners, the requirements were unambiguous. They asked us to create a modern, easy-to-navigate, fast, and scalable website.

In the La Seguridad project, the client asked us to design and create a beautiful WordPress website that generates trustworthiness and engagement from their audience.

Project Goals:

  • Create a fast and scalable WordPress news website
  • Give the website owners all the tools they need to create and publish content easily
  • Create a smooth & engaging user experience for visitors
  • Design specific pages to serve predefined goals

Integrated Solutions

The digital solution we proposed to the client was an integrated approach to user experience. As a result, we've created a website that combines a well-structured site design as a robust, future-proof foundation with all the SEO best practices. The new website built in the La Seguridad web design and development project gives the website owners all the advantages to grow their business.

Understanding the project's goals, we've built the website easy to use by non-technical personnel. They can quickly create and publish content, edit media files and add SEO meta on the fly. As a result, the team can focus on creating content rather than managing the website.

We are delighted that we had the chance to work on the La Seguridad project. Go to the live website to discover more about the slick design that tells you in an instant: "This is a good news source," awesomely minimal site navigation and mobile experience.

What we helped with

WordPress Development

User Experience

Page speed optimization

Web Development solutions

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