MFWA - Media Foundation for West Africa

We are delighted to work with these extraordinary people fighting for freedom of expression. The MFWA is the largest and most influential media development & freedom of expression advocacy non-governmental organization in West Africa.

The Challenges

On a heavy content-loaded website that needs the visitors to focus their attention on the pressing issues while providing a modern & engaging experience, clarity is the name of the game.

The client asked us to redesign the website to create a new user experience for the visitors, helping them navigate through the myriad of articles while keeping the main subjects in focus.

Project Goals:

  • Create a highly visual WordPress website
  • Recreate the design to help the user focus on the essential articles
  • Create a smooth & engaging user experience
  • Make the content accessible in multiple languages

One Approach. Solutions

Our digital solution involves a well-structured site with a clean navigation experience to increase engagement and interest. The MFWA website uses large negative spaces to highlight powerful visuals with a fully responsive design focusing on small screen devices.

We've built the website, first on a development site, and adjust it to the client's needs. Then, when the client was delighted with the result, we moved the changes to the live website.

We've created a design that makes a user experience a journey: easy to use and standing out for trustworthiness while highlighting pressing issues for West Africa.

We needed to improve functionality and speed to optimize user experience on our website, and tagDiv was recommended to us. Their professionalism in executing the task was great, and the communication was generally smooth with prompt feedback. The switch from the old design to the new one was seamless. tagDiv Team was responsive to our inquiries and requests for changes.

Dora B. Mawutor

Program Manager, Media Foundation for West Africa

What we helped with

WordPress Development

User Experience

Page speed optimization

Multi-language Approach

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