My Affordable Luxury

My Affordable Luxury website project is an online inspiration magazine. We are proud that we got the chance to work on this project and help creating an inspiring way to tell stories to the audience.

The Challenges

With a luxury brand target audience, the website owner aimed to catch the attention of the visitors with content designed to inspire. However, the website was built by a junior web designer, and it needed a creative team that could deliver to the expectations of the luxury product buyers.

Project Goals:

  • Creating a professional and sophisticated website
  • Redesigning the user experience on the website
  • Increasing the visibility for important content while making the pages compact and easy to scan
  • Enhance the website's performance to improve the user experience

Elegant and modern as silk

Our digital solution involves changing the design on the main page of the website to make it relatable for its audience. We've started by creating a clean, minimal layout that uses sans-serif typography and lots of negative space. With the site owner, the designers decided to make the website stand out from the luxury portals by breaking the usual gold-black design used by the industry.

Our designers created three layers of content blocks that make content easy to scan and find. The new architecture of the pages uses a light grey background color that makes the design as silky and inviting as luxury goods are.

The new design is almost invisible, as the visitors' focus goes to the content. The website is responsive and provides an awesome user experience for users on all devices.

Our magazine website was initially developed by a junior web designer and lacked the professionalism and sophistication needed to compete in the luxury industry. We are impressed with the team's quick turnaround, professionalism and cost-effectiveness. I love the new design of the website.