VPNBasen Project

We can’t believe what a beautiful website we’ve created. VPNBasen.se is a Swedish tech portal that helps consumers make informed choices. From news on VPN services to privacy & copyright, the website is a reliable info source to go to.

Redesigned to be loved challenge

Tech websites usually follow a pattern of colors and page elements. The website owner wanted us to redesign the website to break those patterns while enchanting the users to return on the website and spend more time.

Improving the user experience and significantly increase in the website traffic were the cornerstone concepts of this project.

Project Goals:

  • Redesign navigation elements to make the user navigation experience flawless
  • Improve the SEO results by shaping the structure of the elements on the website
  • Make the homepage more engaging

The digital solution: Professional web design for tech

The VPNBasen project started from the idea of designing a WordPress website to handle a lot of content in a simple, yet visually engaging layout will make the tech news consumers more happy. The website owner requested us to approach the project in two stages. In the first one, tagDiv designers unified the typography for more consistency. In the second stage, the overhaul, the homepage navigation for all devices was redesigned.

The team also restructured the homepage elements and removed some of the block items to clear the layouts and make negative space that helps users focus on the content. The website mobile version shares the same minimal design and works smoothly on all devices, as it is responsive.

The results speak for themselves: the VPNBasen website received an additional 35% traffic in the first two months and it is loved by the audience.

tagDiv redesigned my website and increased traffic. Readers responded well to the new design. Their WordPress knowledge and custom theme were very effective. They never gave up.