Welthee - Your Financial Buddy

Welthee is a one-page website designed to be the core of the business, resonating with the finance products consumers, and inviting users to interact.

The Challenges

The most important aspect of a financial product is trust. The Welthee website project had to simple, stunning, and engaging for business investors and finance professionals.

The client needed us to transform a beautiful design created by a branding agency into a fully functional website.

Project Goals:

  • Create a fast and reliable WordPress website for financial investors
  • Recreate the design received from the client
  • Create a smooth & engaging user experience
  • Integrate the website with online marketing tools

One Approach. Solutions

Our digital solution involves a clean, structured site accompanied by creatively animated graphics to increase engagement and interest. Built with fully responsive design, the Welthee website Project it has seamless transitions for desktop and all mobile devices.

Understanding the goals of the project and the short time frame, we’ve built the website to be easy to use and to stands out for innovation while it highlights trustworthiness.

We’ve transformed the design into a user experience journey. In just three pages, the visitor moves from “What is this?” to “I want to try this!”.

tagDiv did well at implementing the design and received positive feedback about it from the client. They had great project management skills and met all the deadlines given to them. They have communicated daily on the progress.

Cristian Voaides

CEO, Welthee

What we helped with

WordPress Development

User Experience

Page speed optimization


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