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Premium Customization Services for Newspaper Theme


We know WordPress and all the ins and outs of your premium themes. Whatever you need: just small tweaks or big changes, you’re in the right place!


Getting a full team of WordPress website developers to work on your site can have only one outcome: Great Quality Results in no time. Easily & Quickly!


Save your most valuable resource, the time. Choose Premium WordPress Customization to get more done, pay less, with tagDiv Web Design and Development services!


Discover a partner you can count on for your site’ success. A friendly team is ready to take your WordPress website to the next level.

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WordPress Premium Customization Services

Do you need a WordPress website development team to customize a project for you? Let us tackle your challenges so you can focus on the success of your website!

Basic WordPress & Plugins

Installation of the default WordPress CMS and the best plugins for your WP website. Get it right straight from the beginning with our WordPress website development services!
Price: $48

Theme Customization

CSS, JavaScript, and PHP professional customization. Get the experts to work and give an exceptional facelift to your website!
Price: $70per hour

Content Management

Transform the ‘not so beautiful’ pages into eye-catching, engaging content. Our designers are ready to solve this challenge for you!
Price: $50per hour

Page Speed Optimization

Fed up with your slow loading WordPress site? Let us make the optimization and get the best loading speed for your website!
Price: $200

Migration Services

Migrate your old content to the new cutting-edge technology. Make your website a work of art!

Migrate to WP from another CMS

Migrate your website from another CMS/HTML to WordPress and the tagDiv themes.
Price: $50per hour

Migrate Old WP Content

Migrate your old content to the new cutting-edge technology with Newsmag or Newspaper Themes.
Price: $50per hour

Migrate Website to Another Server

Safely transfer your website to a new server and domain. Let the experts take care of the migration for you.
Price: $50per hour

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