Page Speed Optimization Services

Fed up with your slow loading WordPress site? Let us make the optimization and get the best loading speed for your website!

Why choose us?

Stop losing visitors because of the slow loading pages on your site! Our web development team is ready to make all the advanced page speed optimization services needed to make your page blazing-fast

We are ready when you are!

  • Analysis of the current page speed loading (GTmetrix, YSlow, etc.).
  • Installing and configuring a cache plugin.
  • Manual combining of the JavaScripts and CSS files (where possible).
  • Minification of the JavaScripts and CSS files.
  • GZip compression (if supported on a server).
  • Optimization of the Images.
  • Setting up CDN (optional).


tagDiv exponentially improved the upload speed of the website. The team is efficient, eager to help, and highly responsive. I was impressed with their speed and customer service.

Teresa Baker Botelho

Owner & Publisher, BRZ Group

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Breathe life into your website!

Our expert team is ready to make all the advanced page speed optimization services needed to give you a fast website. If your website can not be optimized due to slow loading external resources, content or server capabilities, we'll decline the project and you will not be charged.