Showcase your website: Discover the power of creativity!


Are you ready to see some of the most creative websites built on Newspaper theme? Great! We are happy to present you some inspiring visions on Newspaper usage, submitted on the “Showcase your website” action.

The team assigned to this task hand-picked each website, analyzing multiple criteria like the design, usability, creativity, and of course, visual aesthetics.

In this sixth selection session, you’ll find 15 new websites, one more beautiful and inspiring than the other. From the delicate and elegant wedding magazine, the strong technology portal to wild hobbies blogs, we hope you’ll enjoy this journey!

Check out the latest websites promoted in the Newspaper Showcase Collection!

We have launched the “Showcase your website” action in October 2015, to bind the community members around their main interest: creating websites that merge high functionality with elegant design. We believe that being part of the community helps you grow while sharing ideas sparks the inspiration and allows you to build a stronger connection with your audience.

Now it’s your turn! What makes your heart beat? What inspired you to make a change on your website? What do you love most? Write your thoughts below in the Comments Section and let’s celebrate together all the hard work you put in these beautiful websites!

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