Difference between Left-Brain and Right-Brain Thinking

A website is the most visual essence of your business, regardless of the industry. At its roots, a site is a software solution assembled by algorithms and special functions. But still, have you ever wondered why devs don’t visually design and code at the same time? Or why visitors react the way they do while navigating to your website? It’s all in the human personality. Based on neuroscience and psychology theories, our actions can be influenced by one of the two sides of the brain. Depending on the dominant part, the brain handles different types of thinking.

Graphs and numbers

Which side of your brain do you use more?

How does the human brain work? In short, neurons, which are linked together, rapidly conduct information to muscles, nerves, and other cells. This is considered to be brain activity. However, it’s a known fact that the left-brain is not working independently and cannot exist without its right side. The two hemispheres work closely together. There are some theories that sustain that right-left brain sides influence each person’s personality. Even if other theories consider that it’s only a myth, every human is different: from how he looks, to how he behaves, thinks, or makes decisions. Left thinkers are rational, logical, and consistent in solving sensitive, technical issues. Right-brained people are creative, empathic, and are known for acquiring emotional intelligence.

Creative people

Let’s continue this article by focusing on you, the website owner. Building the perfect website requires time and effort. And, your personality totally relates to how things succeed.

If you haven’t yet determined what’s the dominant part of your brain, now is the best time to do it. Then, it’s simpler to acknowledge who your visitors are, and what their dominant part is. If you don’t target the right audience for your website, then, it’s time for major changes. Nowadays, visitors search for interesting stuff that catches their attention in milliseconds.

Creative minds are right-brained

About the right-brain dominance, some say it entertains imagination and creative endeavors. So, if your website is about art…then, your audience is right-brained focused. Also, don’t forget that people will be mesmerized once you show designs and content they really relate to. If your website is all about photography and capturing the most amazing moments, right-brained visitors are the ones you should impress, as they are people that feel and take action based on intuition. Whether you’re creative or not, you can get help from other people or try to optimize your capabilities.

Left Brained people think Logically

Analytical individuals are left-brained

Left-brained people try to explain why something is the way it is. They need explanations based on facts. If you have a business and a website destined to left thinkers, you have to remember that they are driven by clear structures, laws, and rules.

Other highlights you might find interesting:

  • Right-brain shows one’s expressiveness, imagination, and the ability to easily understand music or colors.
  • Right-brained people intuitive and handle issues emotionally instead of rationally deal with them.
  • Left-brain tasks follow numbers, logic, analytical and critical thinking.
  • Left-brained people are more organized and tend to learn foreign languages without effort.
  • Both hemispheres are strongly connected. For example, accordingly to the Cleverism magazine, “the left brain helps us learn our native language, but it is the right brain, which enables us to understand idioms and poetry.”

Right Brained People think Abstractly


The information above is another way to understand your readers, as nowadays it’s hard to capture their attention online. If a user stays 1 minute on your website, you must know it means an eternity! Usually, visitors get bored quickly, and if you don’t grab their attention in less than 2 seconds… well, you need to improve your website. Be creative, analytical, and organized at the same time, and you won’t miss it. So, use all your capabilities and get readers back to your site. Have fun mixing your own abilities for the wanted results!

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