Update: Newsmag 3 is here! It’s time to reshape your desires with style!

Newsmag 3 brings performance and design to a whole new level. We took the time to enhance the features you love and implement new stunning ones. Newsmag 3 comes with features that allow you to be more creative, to style your website in a pixel perfection environment and to create interactions that have never been possible before.

So, what’s new?

Newsmag 3 comes with specially designed new features that make your website even more attractive for your visitors. Discover the new Weather, Exchange, and Instagram widgets.

Weather Widget – Bring the weather to your website with this elegant, animated widget. You can use this Weather Widget on a sidebar as a widget, on a page as a block, or you can just set it “on” in the theme panel and display it in the top menu section of your website. See it live!

Exchange Widget – The power of information shapes the everyday lives of people as the modern economy is more dynamic than ever. You can also use it as a block inside the main content area. Give your users the joy of an immersive digital experience with the new Exchange widget. See it live!

Instagram Widget – Deliver all the spectacular images from Instagram, directly to your website. We designed this feature to be used as a widget on the sidebar, as a block and, for more flexibility, we crafted a special Instagram Footer for your website. Just add the ID and amaze your visitors with this effective and easy to use feature! See it live!

Brand new mobile features

As mobile traffic is more and more important, we have decided to open new opportunities through this technology. Newsmag 3 brings a new Mobile Menu and a new Search Menu that transforms the user’s experience with your website. With user Sign in / Join option, enable or disable Social icons, menu elements settings, background parallax image support, Newsmag 3 is changing the way your users interact with your website!  See it on demo.

New Demos

We added three unique built-in designs, carefully crafted down to the smallest details. You can easily install the demo you like with just one click. Each creative design is here to help you shape your website with style. To make everything easier for you, we have built a new panel for one click demos. See all the beautiful designs

New design elements and templates

Newsmag 3 gives you countless unique ways to highlight your website content. It comes with 5 new category templates, 4 smart lists, and 4 top bar layouts. We also added new structure elements: a new footer template and 4 new ad spots. Now it’s so easy to shape your website’s look to perfection! See the demo

New Social Counter skins

We added 10 new skins for the Social Counter plugin to help you display all of your social network activity in more than one beautiful way and be ready to go viral! The widget design is now flexible, allowing you to try out each layout and choose the one you love!

With a fresh design mobile menu, integrated big grids, blocks and modules, unique Social Counter styles, spectacular new widgets, intelligent ads and unlimited possibilities for homepage and sidebar structure, this is the Best Magazine Theme we have built!

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Version 3.0 – June 7th, 2016

UPDATE NOTICE: Please update tagDiv Social Counter to the latest version that comes with the theme.

  • new: Grid system – with this we eliminate all the # in URL bugs
  • new: Instagram block and widget
  • new: Footer Instagram
  • new: Weather block and widget
  • new: Weather option in top bar
  • new: Exchange block and widget
  • new: Mobile menu
  • new: Search menu on mobiles
  • new: Background support for mobile search and menu with parallax
  • new: 1 new footer styles
  • new: 5 new category templates
  • new: 3 one click demos
  • new: 10 Social counter styles
  • new: Login/register option for mobiles
  • new: Custom post types now support a global sidebar that can be set from the theme panel
  • new: Logo in H1 tags
  • new: Reset button in theme panel. This will bring the theme to the original state
  • new: Panel for one click demos
  • new: Enable/disable category pull-down filter option in theme panel
  • new: Display order for category tags on post pages option in theme panel
  • new: Social Counter – version 4.1 – please update your plugin to the latest version
  • new: Whatsapp share for article on mobile devices
  • new: 4 new smart lists ( smart list 5, 6, 7 and 8 )
  • new: 3 new ad spots used for smart lists ( smart list 6, 7 and 8 )
  • new: 1 new ad spot (Footer top)
  • new: 4 new top bar layouts
  • new: We removed the Smooth scroll option from panel
  • new: New look for the main menu sub-menus
  • misc: The theme settings are now only saved once per page load and only if needed. We use the shutdown action to save them.
  • misc: Video playlist block now works with multiple playlists of the same type on one page
  • misc: We audited all the metadata produced by the theme and we improved every aspect of it
  • misc: Updated the google fonts list
  • misc: Better SEO on smart lists
  • misc: The categories that are listed on post pages can now be shown using the WordPress default order. This can be enabled from theme panel.
  • misc: We optimized the queries for all the blocks and widgets that don’t show posts (popular categories, social counter etc…)
  • fix: Panel got stuck while saving in specific cases, mostly related to categories
  • fix: Contributor users cannot change the post template now, this is more in line with WordPress
  • fix: Security issues
  • fix: Infinite pagination on categories did not work with speed booster
  • fix: Removed no comments message with comments disabled
  • fix: Infinite loading on categories issue with latest posts when the rest is fewer than the “Blog pages show at most” setting
  • fix: Footer logo title attribute
  • fix: TinyMCE issues with the shortcodes menu (multiple options were selected in specific cases)

The list of modified files

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Alina S.
Alina S.
I am a WordPress enthusiast, digital and content marketer, copywriter, and sometimes storyteller. Originally trained as a journalist, I have a curious mind. I enjoy testing new technologies, discovering new ways to make things easier, and, especially, telling everybody stories about my discoveries. At tagDiv, my work focuses on designing great experiences for our visitors and customers.

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