Newspaper 6.5 update – New Car Enthusiast demo

Newspaper 6.5 is now available. In this update we focused to fix key issues, bring new features and to make the theme easier to use.

New Car Enthusiast demo

Are you a car enthusiast, passionate for the latest automobile technology or you just have to build an automotive related website? It should be easy but we all know how hard it is to mix all the right elements when you try to create the perfect template. With this in mind we decided to design the beautiful and flexible “Cars” demo. Just one click and you get a great start, the demo automatically brings the website structure and the design elements.

demo-cars-blogThere are no words to describe the pure pleasure of driving. We tried to recreate this unique feeling exploring wild hues and shades, identifying exactly the right colors and shapes. The “Cars” demo  comes with several empowering elements. The logo, the large car banner from the top and the big grid are the first elements you encounter on the page. Each visitor will certainly know what this site’s all about. The theme color palette is red – black, with simple and elegant lines, telling a story about power, passion, glamour, and style. We added a final touch of refinement using white typography.

In the main content area we made no compromise on quality, we emphasized readability using tested modules and proper spacing. The colors are carefully distributed to create a chromatic unity through the whole page flowing from the header to footer.

Once the demo is installed all you have to do is to tweak the desired elements. The multitude of options included in the theme guaranties that you will end up having a personal strong and unique design. Experience the transformation of your website with just one click. Update your theme and install this free demo.

New sorting options (via jetpack)

2015-09-17_1737Starting with this version, on all of our blocks and widgets you now have the option to sort your content via the Jetpack stats module.

When activated, the block will show the most popular posts on your site in the last 2 days according to the data provided by the Jetpack stats module.

A new special smart list

The new smart list 8 automatically paginates the article and beside the usual next and back navigation, it provides a drop down index of all the pages. This format appears frequently on reviews or articles that require an index for fast navigation between sections.

Newspaper 6.5 update - smart-list8
Smart list 8

New Visual Composer version

Visual-Composer-Logo-150x150We know you guys want the latest visual composer as soon as it comes out but we always test the plugin before we release an update to be sure that everything works as expected.

Usability improvements to our widgets

** Huge thanks to @shubhra from our forums – for providing us with a tip about how we should deal with widgets title so that it appears in the wp-admin panel.


Performance improvements

  • Before this update, the editor style sheet from tinyMCE would compile from less on each request. In this update we managed to use a single css file that is precompiled while still providing the WYSIWYG feeling of tinyMCE and Newspaper.
  • Each demo now also has a custom CSS compiler. This compiler is used when you change the theme color or other settings that affect the appearance. With the new system each demo can load only the required css, without selectors or additional css for other demos.

Important fixes:

  • It was not possible to install our WooCommerce plugins from our panel. If a user wanted to install one of the plugins, the only way to do that was manually.
  • Various invalid HTML output produced in special cases by smart list 3, inline ads, image placeholders and the author box on articles
  • CSS styling issues for ads (adSense and image ads), header style 8, visual composer tabs, top social icons and smart list 4

The list of modified files | How to update the theme | Buy Newspaper

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Radu O.
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