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"Newspaper is a complete solution to build a multi-purpose site, from blogs to online magazines. I'm using it on my personal blog, and I can customize all the elements thus makes make blog looking good all the way."
Walter Pinem is an Indonesian personal online journal reveling experiences while traveling. It’s a visually stunning website, combining traveling passion with the developer portfolio in a suprising result.
"It’s a very simple and elegant theme perfect for my business!"
Bahrain This Week is the Middle East’s first English augmented weekly paper. It has a beautiful magazine style with an elegant selection of fonts and colors.
" The Newspaper theme is very bright and user-friendly. "
Word Of Decor is a beautiful interior design from Russia. It collects original ideas for interior design, landscape design, holiday decoration, and do-it-yourself decor in an inspiring website.
"Dear friends, you are amazing. I've never regretted using the Newspaper theme. Please do not slow down. Thanks."
Arthenos is a Turkish personal photo blog. Sharing amazing images, personal experiences, and reviews, this website is an invitation to discover photography and to improve your skills.
"I love the Newspaper theme. It's very impressive and easy to use."
DJ Expressions is a blog dedicated to DJs and music production. It offers news from the industry, reviews, interviews, tutorials and more. DJ Expressions is one of the most respected Spanish websites for the industry.
"This is the best theme I have ever used! The design possibilities are endless and it's fun to create with the Newspaper Theme."
Boomcha is a beautiful and elegant author blog publishing chapters of the Noble Doubt story, along with short stories, poetry, interviews.
"I really enjoy working on Newspaper theme by tagDiv. Its possibilities are endless!"
DzienDobryWarszawo.pl is a network of local blogs from Warsaw, Poland as the name translates into “Good morning, Warsaw!”. The website, with a distinct touch and feeling, invites you to discover the life of the city.
"My experience with Newspaper was really amazing. It’s a great theme with awesome technical support."
VISA4UK is a company presentation website from Moscow, Russia. It publishes information that helps people get a visa for the United Kingdom.
"Newspaper Theme is easy to use and very intuitive!"
Sport Galati is a Romanian local Sport News website. It brings news, and articles to the local audience. Sport Galati combines a generous negative space with powerful colors to create an intuitive hierarchy.
"Newspaper Theme brings amazing features, and really good support. It’s a truly professional theme."
OpIndia is a modern and popular Indian news website. It brings reports, opinion articles and stories to the audience in the region both in Hindi and English language.