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"Using this theme was a great experience for me as have obtained results never seen before. Newspaper is amazing in every way."
The Arquitectura Pura is an architecture and construction website that uses wonderful typography, with negative space and shadows to create an elegant, minimal design.
“I love how gorgeous and flexible this theme is. I can easily utilize the already powerful features and customize my movie review site to the best. Most importantly, the support is extremely helpful!”
MR Buzz is a modern website that presents great reviews, recommendations of both European and American movies. It publishes awesome insights into popular films.
“Very easy to set up with this powerful template. It has fulfilled all my expectations to create a simple, fast and useful website.”
This is an amazing blog and news website dedicated to Toledo, a Spanish city. It gathers articles about legends, mysteries, history, traditions, places to visit, as well as other useful information.
“We love this theme. It's making our site so much easier to maintain and stand out.”
It is a beautiful magazine which publishes local news and entertainment tips from the Southern California, and the surroundings. It also provides nice reviews on popular movies, theatre plays, and more.
“Very quick and straightforward. Nice theme!”
Dutch Review is a magazine portal that gathers entertainment, lifestyle, history, politics, and cultural articles, all published in a wide, yet elegant interface.
“Have been using it for a few years. The theme is superb, no doubt, but it is the support that really makes Newspaper stand out from the crowd.”
The Ecig Click is an English presentation online magazine for electronic cigarettes. It shows vape awards, news, reviews. This website also publishes cigars guiding posts.
“User-friendly and clean looking theme.”
The Casbah Post is a minimal news website that highlights the contemporary culture in Algeria and publishes entertainment articles from various topics, like art, comics, architecture, sports, and more.
"I am very happy with the theme and - perhaps most of all - the support when it comes to solving any eventual issue with the theme.”
If you’re searching for a comprehensive tech and electronics website, look no further. Enkelteknik is a Swedish portal that publishes great articles and has a forum dedicated to technology talks.
“We have been extremely happy with Newspaper because we saved a lot of time and money plus we still have the flexibility to make the theme ours by using all the customization and functionality in the theme.”
Dippli is a beautiful cryptocurrency news website that publishes articles on a daily basis. Read all about the crypto history, events, and real prices analysis.
“Newspaper theme - simplicity and awesomeness!”
This nice and clean Polish blog is all about the Player Unknown’s Battleground video game. It provides accurate testing tips and useful information on updates.