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Go Europa
"For me, it is important for a theme to be fast, versatile, and easy to use. Also, I want to have the ability to change the theme in any details. I found all these options in the Newspaper theme. I'm a great fan, and I'm using it since May 2016. It is the best!"
Go Europa is a beautiful site with amazing photographs and travel stories from all over the European countries. Well-balanced, with great visuals this website is a complete guide for any traveler.
Newspaper Showcase - Science Cover
"Customizing a website with Newspaper theme takes you to next level. We are proud to use Newspaper theme for our website. It also has great support!"
Science Cover is a clean website that publishes science news and educational information. Also, it brings you the ultimate science research from Colleges and Universities world-wide.
Newspaper Showcase - The USA Tribune
"Thank you for the great work!"
With stylish typography and a classic newspaper aspect, The USA Tribune is a news agency that covers subjects including on US or world-wide politics, economy, and society.
Newspaper Showcase - Mama Sou
"Great theme! We used Newspaper theme more than once for client’s websites in different industries. We like the unlimited features, speed performance, ease of use, and excellent support. Totally Recommended!"
Mama Sou is a beautiful platform dedicated to keeping you informed with news related to parents and babies. You can browse through recipes, books, health, pregnancy, and more exciting topics.
Newspaper Showcase - iFlow App
This is a product presentation website that features iFlow App, time and attendance software. With a minimal yet modern touch, the iFlow site features its services within appealing designs & vivid colors.
Newspaper Showcase - NYK Daily
"Amazing experience, I will keep this theme for our news magazine. It is reader-friendly, easy to use, and tonnes of features are available!"
The NYK Daily is an online magazine that publishes amazing stories world-wide. You'll read incredible articles on subjects like business, lifestyle, science or technology, and innovation.
Newspaper Showcase - EU Startup
"Newspaper is a great theme for online magazines of all types. We're exceptionally happy with it since it's easy to customize, mobile friendly and modern."
It is a great online magazine that publishes valuable insights on startups in the European continent. Here you can read data analysis, tech interviews, startup news, and more.
Newspaper Showcase - Tech Explorist
"Newspaper is a versatile theme, comes with the own page builder that gives you infinite possibilities to build/customize any element, page or even a post layout. Well documented and great support."
Tech Explorist is a popular research news website across the globe. It publishes stories on the technologies that shape our world and change our lives.
Newspaper Showcase - Grenzenlos Volunteering
“Versatile, easy to modify and a perfect fit for our needs!”
Since 1949, this Non-Governmental Organization is based in Vienna and encourages volunteering without limits as part of the intercultural exchange programs.
Newspaper Showcase - Desde la Raiz
“The experience was great! The theme panel is very intuitive and everything works smooth and fast.”
Desde La Raiz is a personal website dedicated to Buddhist philosophy. It publishes articles and resources on personal growth and meditation in a visually appealing way.
Newspaper Showcase - Lycee
"Newspaper is simply the best theme I used so far, so very versatile!"
Lycee Technique de Lallange is the presentation website for a high school in France. It provides a modern and dynamic environment for school-related information like events, classrooms, courses and so on.
Newspaper Showcase - Walter Pinem
"Newspaper is a complete solution to build a multi-purpose site, from blogs to online magazines. I'm using it on my personal blog, and I can customize all the elements thus makes make blog looking good all the way."
Walter Pinem is an Indonesian personal online journal reveling experiences while traveling. It’s a visually stunning website, combining traveling passion with the developer portfolio in a suprising result.
Newspaper Showcase - Bahrain
"It’s a very simple and elegant theme perfect for my business!"
Bahrain This Week is the Middle East’s first English augmented weekly paper. It has a beautiful magazine style with an elegant selection of fonts and colors.
Newspaper Showcase - Word of Decor
" The Newspaper theme is very bright and user-friendly. "
Word Of Decor is a beautiful interior design from Russia. It collects original ideas for interior design, landscape design, holiday decoration, and do-it-yourself decor in an inspiring website.
arthenos - Newspaper showcase
"Dear friends, you are amazing. I've never regretted using the Newspaper theme. Please do not slow down. Thanks."
Arthenos is a Turkish personal photo blog. Sharing amazing images, personal experiences, and reviews, this website is an invitation to discover photography and to improve your skills.
dziendobrywarszaw - Newspaper showcase
"I really enjoy working on Newspaper theme by tagDiv. Its possibilities are endless!" is a network of local blogs from Warsaw, Poland as the name translates into “Good morning, Warsaw!”. The website, with a distinct touch and feeling, invites you to discover the life of the city.
Newspaper Showcase - Visa4UK
"My experience with Newspaper was really amazing. It’s a great theme with awesome technical support."
VISA4UK is a company presentation website from Moscow, Russia. It publishes information that helps people get a visa for the United Kingdom.

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