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"Newspaper it’s a great theme!"
News Ghana is Ghana’s leading online news publication for business’ in West Africa. The popular magazine focuses on reports of investment in Africa and takes on Ghana’s hot issues.
"I’m using the Newspaper theme for almost 3 years. It’s a fantastic theme with great support: fully customizable & easy to use & understand. Excellent work. A huge thanks to all behind this awesome theme. Cheers! ☺️"
TechRevolve is a technology website focused on helping people find simple solutions to their everyday tech problems. It’s designed to be easy to navigate using contrasts.
"Building the website with Newspaper Theme it has been amazing. Very easy to Use. It has so many amazing features for a magazine. "
Strong Fitness Magazine is a project built together with the Canadian Government. The website motivates, educates and empowers users to live a fit & healthy life.
"Newspaper Theme is very flexible, allowing customization of nearly everything. "
SelfHacked is a popular health and lifestyle in the USA. It uses the power of the Newspaper Theme to combine useful self-improvement content with a highly converting eCommerce section.
"We're delighted with how our site looks with the Newspaper 9. The tagDiv Composer is brilliant for allowing incredible control and flexibility on a WordPress site."
Do you need an advice to help you with buying a new or used car? The Car Expert is a modern website that publishes news from the automotive industry for you.
"Best theme ever! Easy to setup and customize. Awesome support! Thanks to Newspaper our site is fast, beautiful and it is growing a lot."
Naturam is a Brazilian travel website with great articles. It introduces the audience into the right mood for traveling and holidays using wide layouts and beautiful images.
"Newspaper is a fantastic theme, with incredible number of personalization and outstanding support."
The website is a beautiful invitation to live and be happy. The VanlifeMagazine uses breathtaking images to deliver easy to navigate news and stories for vanlifers.
"Newspaper Theme is one of the professional themes in WordPress. I'm extremely happy with the theme looks, performance, support, and management. I highly appreciate your hard work and support. Thank you so Much. <3"
The Sprintally website is a beautiful technology news hub. Sprintally designers mastered the contrast between strong images and generous negative space between elements.
"Using this theme was a great experience for me as have obtained results never seen before. Newspaper is amazing in every way."
The Arquitectura Pura is an architecture and construction website that uses wonderful typography, with negative space and shadows to create an elegant, minimal design.
“I love how gorgeous and flexible this theme is. I can easily utilize the already powerful features and customize my movie review site to the best. Most importantly, the support is extremely helpful!”
MR Buzz is a modern website that presents great reviews, recommendations of both European and American movies. It publishes awesome insights into popular films.
“Very easy to set up with this powerful template. It has fulfilled all my expectations to create a simple, fast and useful website.”
This is an amazing blog and news website dedicated to Toledo, a Spanish city. It gathers articles about legends, mysteries, history, traditions, places to visit, as well as other useful information.