Migrate your Old WordPress Content

Give your website a fresh and modern look with the tagDiv themes. Out team will migrate your old content and give your audience new reasons to return

Awesome Price!


per hour

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Migrate from another CMS

Migrate your website from another CMS/HTML to WordPress and the tagDiv themes.
Price: $50per hour

Migrate Website to Another Server

Safely transfer your website to a new server and domain. Let the experts take care of the migration for you.
Price: $50per hour

Other Customization Services

Basic WordPress & Plugins

Installation of the default WordPress CMS and the best plugins for your WP website. Get it right straight from the beginning!
Price: $48

Theme Customization

CSS, JavaScript, and PHP professional customization. Get the experts to work and give an exceptional facelift to your website!
Price: $70per hour

Content Management

Transform the ‘not so beautiful’ pages into eye-catching, engaging content. Our designers are ready to solve this challenge for you!
Price: $50per hour

Page Speed Optimization

Fed up with your slow loading WordPress site? Let us make the optimization and get the best loading speed for your website!
Price: $200

Refresh & redesign your website!

Your deserve the best. Your audience, too! Let us clean up the old website and refresh its design. Your visitors will have countless new reasons to return to your website and engage your site!