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Newspaper 8.8 - What's New

With Newspaper 8.8 we invite you to discover all your missing pieces of the puzzle that will make your website perfect! Whether you want to create a new layout from scratch or to modify an existing one, Newspaper got you covered. We all love things made simple, and this is the reason we are simplifying the way you create everything on your website.

Create and design your own templates

The new version of Newspaper brings you the tagDiv Cloud Library plugin that will help you design everything on your website without touching a single line of code. Customize the layout for any posts, sections, categories, authors, archive, tags, or search pages using the drag and drop functionality.

Discover the new tagDiv Cloud Library

Say Hello to the tagDiv Cloud Library! Think of it as a template builder that comes with a huge collection of layouts for every section of your site. You can browse the tagDiv Cloud Library collection, preview the unique designs and import the one(s) you love! Search your inspiration through over 130 already-built layouts and make your website to stand out!

Our designers constantly produce new templates and add them to the tagDiv Cloud Library. We host all the templates on our servers, and you can use them anytime while keeping your website fast as lightning.

Newspaper 8.8 tagDiv Cloud Library - Templates
Choose your layout from the tagDiv Cloud Library


Just drag and drop items to change everything!

You can edit the template with tagDiv Composer and customize the new imported layout with ease. Just drag, drop, and arrange the elements. Moreover, now you can create your custom template from scratch. Save it, and use it whenever you want on any post or page.



Plugins Update is Now Simplified!

We’ve rewritten the code to make the automatic installation of the premium plugins as smooth as possible. When you install the theme on your website, the tagDiv Composer, tagDiv Cloud Library, and tagDiv Social Counter plugins are automatically installed and activated. If you update the theme, the system will also update the premium plugins to their latest version.

Newspaper 8.8 - Update button for plugins

Besides, starting with Newspaper 8.8 you can also do it manually. Now you have an “Update” button right below the plugin’s description that brings you the latest version.

People like you inspire us and we are excited to hear your feedback. So, drop us a line and tell us how the new features of the Newspaper Theme work for you and what can we do better.

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Alina G.
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