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Fractal Enlightenment
"Newspaper is by far the best theme I have used, with its continuous development efforts to keep up with the fast changing pace of web technology. If you are someone who manages everything on the WordPress backend, frontend, site speed etc, Newspaper makes life easier and web performance fun"
Fractal Enlightenment is a lovely website that publishes great content on spirituality, self-development, parenting, meditation, yoga, and more. It has a great perspective and it's simple and elegant design match an extraordinary vision.
Manchester United
"Absolutely brilliant theme, easy to use and reliable."
Manchester United Canada is a multilingual sport website. With news from the football world, players, Premier League, Champions League, and more, this is an up-to-date platform.
Top Magazin Frankfurt
"A well customizable and lightweight theme. High compatibility with other plugins. Our image-heavy magazine-website has never been faster."
With a great success, this German online magazine is publishing top notch stories from business, lifestyle, arts and more.
Sa Calatorim
"An incredibly easy experience: everything fluid, functional, practical!"
Sa Calatorim is a lovely Romanian website that publishes unique experiences about worldwide travels. You can find comprehensive how-to guides, best eat and sleep tips, and reasons to choose your destination.