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TOK HIT Social Network

Building a new experience for a brand new and dynamic community. TOK HIT is the first social network powered by NFT & Blockchain Technology that where social creativity becomes real money. Discover this web development and web design project and explore a highly visual and dynamic website.

#innovation       #web design       #web development       #UX       #performance optimization

MFWA - Media Foundation for West Africa

The MFWA is the largest and most influential media development & freedom of expression advocacy non-governmental organization in West Africa with national partner organizations in all 16 countries of the region. We gladly accepted the challenge to redesign the website to make more engaging, easier to navigate, and more focused on the essential content.

#web design      #web development      #performance optimization      #code audit & refactorization

tagDiv development and design portfolio Welthee Website1

Welthee Project

Welthee is a financial platform that speaks volumes for innovation. Embracing the challenge, we’ve created a website capable of supporting the business, which resonates with the finance products consumers and invites users to interact.

#innovation       #web design       #web development       #UX       #performance optimization

iFlow Attendance App

iFlow is an online attendance and HR software that gives companies the means to easily organize and manage their employees' attendance and information from any device. Their goal was to create a welcoming environment for the audience and clients while helping visitors convert to using the new software.

#WordPress       #web design      #web development      #SEO optimization

La Sicurezza

La Sicurezza is an Italian information portal on the IT security industry that explores cybersecurity with the latest industry news, technical manuals, in-depth articles, and advice for users. Their goal was to have minimal, stunning and engaging website for both technical and non-technical audiences.

#web design      #web development      #User Experience       #WordPress

La Seguridad

La Seguridad is a modern Mexican website that delivers news on cyber threats and educates its audience about prevention & minimizing losses associated with computer security. The client asked us to design and create a beautiful WordPress website that generates trustworthiness and increases engagement.

#web design      #web development      #UX & User Interface       #web development

My Affordable Luxury

My Affordable Luxury website project is an online inspiration magazine. We are proud that we got the chance to work on this project and help creating an inspiring way to tell stories to the audience. The website stands out from the luxury portals by breaking the usual gold-black design used by the industry.

#web design      #web development      #User Experience       #WordPress

Today Africa News

Today News Africa is a widely read and respected American publication that addresses the continent of Africa in news to provide relevant information for people and business from around the world. The project needed the skillful touch of a web design & development agency to optimize the website' processes.

#web design      #web development      #performance optimization      #code audit & refactorization

Stevivor Project

Stevivor is the most-read independent video games website in Australia. This awarded site improved the UX and SEO results by redesigning the interface and shaping up the structures. The project turned into a vivid experience of a passionate audience.

#UX       # web design & WordPress development       #SEO       #online marketing       #social networks

FamFam Family Shop

FamFam is a warm and friendly Romanian online shop website project designed to create a relaxed shopping experience for mother with children, grannies and couples. The website must have all the capabilities of a modern shop, with product pages, categories, filters on brands, sizes, prices, optimized for mobile and SEO, yet to feel comfy and welcoming for the visitors.

#WordPress       #web design      #web development      #eCommerce

The Coronado Times

The Coronado Times website projet is an online independent news publication focused on high-quality coverage of local news, events, and entertainment. The Coronado Times website aims to find the perfect balance between excellent content, monetizing with advertisements, and great performance.

#WordPress       #web design      #web development      #performance optimization

VPN Basen Website

VPNBasen.se is a Swedish tech portal that helps consumers make informed choices. From news on VPN services to privacy & copyright, the website is a reliable info source. The project gravitates around the idea of designing a WordPress website capable of handling a lot of content in a simple yet visually engaging layout while making the tech news consumers happy.

#WordPress       #web design      #web development      #UX

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