Monetize your website with the new Ad Box Element

Running ads on a website is the first step anyone takes to monetize their content. Whether you’re earning money through Google AdSense or by hosting local businesses’ ads, there’s an easier way of creating ads with Newspaper Theme. The new “Ad Box” element added into the tagDiv Composer makes it easy for you to copy-paste the ad codes straight on the front end. What’s more, you can even use this shortcode to display local business ads. Monetizing a website is done with just a few clicks now!

Two Ad Spots on two sidebars using the Ad Box Element

Create perfect ads with the new “Ad Box” element

Open any page or template with the tagDiv Composer, our front-end page builder, and add the “Ad Box” element in any spot you want. Click on it to access the settings. In the General panel, you can write a title for the image and choose the color of the text and its font. If you’ve been running ads before the addition of this shortcode, you can choose which “ad spot” to use from the General Settings tab, too.

In the “Image Ad” tab, you have the option to upload images for various devices such as tablet landscape, tablet portrait, and phone. So, if you have specific images that vary in sizes on each device, set them from this tab. If the same photo needs to be set for all screens, then upload it in the “All Devices” section.

An Ad Box Element used in the Header with the Header Manager and Builder

Explore it further

Next up is the “Ad URL” field, where you should write the business or affiliate website link to send your users to when they click on the “Ad Box.” You can check the box below this setting to have the URL open in a new window. Choose the type of link from the “Spot URL rel”:

  • None
  • Nofollow
  • Noreferrer
  • Noopener

By default, the link type is set to “none.” The next 4 boxes can be checked to hide the ad on various devices. The next setting changes how your ad is displayed: you can choose the maximum width of the image and then change the value in the box for each device through tagDiv Composer’s device tabs. Find out more about the device tabs here.

If you have a code for the ad, navigate to the “Custom Ad” tab. Paste the text into the box you find there. From the “CSS” tab, you can make further adjustments to the Ad Box by giving it padding, margins, or even a border. Explore each setting to get the desired look!

Ad Box Element with Newspaper Theme with the tagDiv Composer Shortcode

Why you should use the new “Ad Box” element

With the new Ad Box, you upload an image and type a link. Monetization with affiliate marketing for different organizations and businesses can now easily be implemented. Your custom ads from Theme Panel can also be chosen, too! Just drag and drop the element onto the desired spot and select your custom ad.

You can copy the Google AdSense codes straight onto the front-end editing section and make modifications to the ad’s placement with ease:

  • Keep the ad in its own separate row.
  • Drag it onto the sidebar of your page or template.
  • Adjust the paddings and margins of the element to fit into your layout.

However, do remember that the Google AdSense policy restricts the use of ads on “sticky” or “floating” blocks. So don’t put your Ad Box on a sticky sidebar if you want to use Google AdSense.


With each update to the Newspaper Theme, you get brand new features that aim to make any design job effortless. Explore the options and settings to the “Ad Box” element and create picture-perfect ads to drive clicks and traffic. Monetizing your website has never been so easy!

Use the comment box below to show us your inventive ways of using the new Ad Box!

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Alexandra I.
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  1. This is long overdue. I remember requesting for a feature like this some time ago in the Tagdiv forum.

    Thanks for the update.

  2. We are using this theme from two years and are happy with this new modification. It will help of monetize your website more.
    Good improvement

  3. Hey, guys you are doing the great job. I have one very small request. Since you released theme, you don’t have any news related theme. I just today checked your demo site to check if you have added any but there is no demo for news site. I would suggest if you add just one theme which should be for news website like mine. I am having 100k monthly readers.

    I have attached famous website link below. So thay you can take a look and know what I am talking about.

    I would love to have an update whatever you think. I am requesting because I don’t want to leave tagdiv family. It’s great. Thank you very much.

  4. Thanks for the great improvement, but I will like you to include image advert in your theme, such as JPEG,… etc.

    Thanks and regards

  5. Loving the update.

    Is there an easy way to display different ads based on locality? Or a plugin that you know of that works well with the Newspaper theme?

    Thanks! : )

  6. Hi There

    We use the newspaper site and love it, can you recommend a plugin to track the clicks and views of the custom ads in this theme?
    Also is it possible to rotate custom ads?
    Thanks Tanya

    • Hi,

      You can try using the AdRotate plugin and also, to track the clicks and views you should use the Google Analytics.

      Thank you!

  7. Cet fonctionnalité est un grand bon pour les usagers de NewsPaper. J’utilise ce Thème depuis bientôt trois ans mais je suis très satisfait.
    Bonne continuation à toute l’équipe de tagDiv…

  8. This is a nice feature. I would like to see this feature allow for multiple ads that rotate through. One of my favorite features in a competing theme is that it allows for a choice of 1 to 10 ads per element.

    • Hi,

      Unfortunately, the theme does not have any such an option to rotating ads, sorry! In that case, you can try using the AdRotate plugin which seems to works as expected.

      Thank you!

  9. This is such a terrific feature, I have been waiting to be able to use custom ad functionality without writing extra code to increase the number of custom ad spots. Can I also do this in the Appearance>Widgets area of the site? When placing the [tagdiv ad box] widget, there are tabs for “Image ad” and “Custom ad” but it is blank when click on either of them so I’m not sure how to put custom ads (beyond the original 5) in those spots.

    • Hi,

      As a widget those settings aren’t available for the ad box, so the only option is to choose an ad spot from the theme panel in this case. However with the addition of the cloud templates, sidebars can be created within the template itself, in the composer. You could use cloud templates and the full options of the ad box widget. Here are all the available cloud templates

      Thank you!

  10. Do you recommend the use of any WordPress banner ad plugins to use with this?

    Should I need to use a plugin for any of the banner ads on the site?

    Granted, right now I’m not using Newspaper theme.

  11. I need this article, and found it finally.
    Actually i want to understand the each point to ad box, and this article impressed me with a lot of useful content.
    Keep posting dear…..

  12. Hi, i have started using this ad feature. How do i see how many impressions, clicks my banners are getting?

    • Hi,

      Thanks for using our product! Unfortunately, our theme does not have any functionality for tracking your Ads. You have to use the Google Analytics if you want to monitor this section. If you need more technical assistance, please open a new topic at our support forum from here -> and we are ready to help you.

      All the best!


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