Beyond compatibility: Newspaper Theme and WPML plugin

Overcoming the language barrier is no longer a problem nowadays. Whatever you write on your blog, online magazine or news website can easily be transmitted across all cultures in different languages, thanks to the compatibility between Newspaper WordPress theme and the WPML plugin. Along with the regular updates, Newspaper is getting more powerful and versatile while remaining constant in usage at maximum levels.

As most of you already know, our theme has been compatible with the premium WPML plugin for a long time, and as our partnership continues, the benefits transfer from us to our beloved customers.

Compatibility: Multilingual website ideas

We’re happy when our clients are satisfied as they prosper and reach their supreme potential in exhibiting their work throughout various languages, reaching more people, creating new audiences.

Newspaper & WPML for your multilingual website

As people, above all, we like it when our product rises above expectations and amazes in quality. We have developed our own page builder called tagDiv Composer, which successfully replaces the WPBakery plugin while offering you even more power to build pages with increased versatility. In tagDiv Composer, the process of creation and design is different, intuitive and has features specially crafted for the news industry. The translation of pages built using the tagDiv Composer is identical to the one of translating pages built using the WPBakery page builder.

Of course, the content is the most important thing that needs translating, but the functionality of the WPML plugin in relation to the Newspaper theme doesn’t stop here. Together, these two powerful tools help you accomplish more than just that. There are multiple things that support translating, such as:

  • Categories and tags;
  • Texts from the Newspaper theme, plugins, and other places;
  • Menus.

Make your multilingual Newspaper website amazing

You don’t have to be an experienced user in order to work your way through the WPML plugin in Newspaper Theme. The process is easy. Install it, download the .po and .mo files and start building your multilingual website! For more detailed info, access the Newspaper Theme Documentation.

Compatibility: Newspaper Theme and WPML plugin

Moreover, if you want to learn more about the compatibility between the theme and plugin, read the interview we did in collaboration with the WPML team. Also, you can discover the case study made by the WPML team, that explains the steps you need to follow in configuring your new multilanguage website with the plugin and our news template.

If at any time you find yourself in difficulties when building a multilingual site, the WPML company has got you covered. They gathered together a team of experienced WordPress and WPML developers, which are always ready to assist you in any endeavor you might want to embark on. In different languages, from different countries, somebody will gladly grant you the help you need. The Contractors page is here, check it out for further information.

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