Newspaper Prebuilt Websites for Your WordPress Membership Site

With every theme update, we pack fresh Newspaper prebuilt website designs. In this article, we would like to tell you more about the latest full sites we’ve developed to help you get a quick start on your WordPress membership site. With these full demos, you can design a crypto, entertainment, any type of online magazine, educational, or paywall website. They are a combo of minimal structure, enhanced performance, and unmatched flexibility.

In a world where everyone is talking about subjects on blockchains, what is an NFT? You can think of it as a data piece that is stored on a blockchain, a piece that can be sold digitally.

Popular digital types of NFT data units can be sold as photos, videos, or audio files. With this in mind, we’ve created a prebuilt website that is entirely designed to help you publish and sell any type of NFT art with ease with your WordPress theme.

Nft News Prebuilt Website

1. NFT News

The Vintage Shoppers predesign website is The Newspaper NFT News demo is a modern and fully customizable prebuilt website that can help you showcase your digital artwork and generate income from it. The layouts are created using the tagDiv Composer and the tagDiv Opt-In Builder that adds the membership and payment capabilities on-site. With highly crafted flex blocks, sticky sidebars with informative pieces, elegant icons, and ads spaces, the NFT News pre built website is a complete solution at a single click away. If you want to have the NFT layout, you simply need to import the prebuilt design with or without the content. This special demo uses a black, bold, and grotesque typography, as well as a hamburger menu that flies in from the left side of the page. NFT News is a tribute to art in all its forms.

Center magazine Prebuilt Website

2. Center Magazine

If you’re just researching information about a newspaper magazine design, look no further than the Center Magazine prebuilt website. The Bigshot font family is a modern Didone typography that offers a classic look. With this style, a white background, and a two-column layout, Center Magazine has a special next-previous section above the fold, where exclusive content is highlighted.

Military News Prebuilt Website

3. Military News

The Military News predesign website is built for any website that showcases information related to worldwide geographic or political tensions, or can serve to a government database for honoring the army. The prebuilt site uses a 1400 pixel-wide layouts with variations of one or two columns. The mega menu is elegant, with images, categories, and bold titles.

Music and Life Prebuilt Website

4. Music and Life

Music and Life is a stylish prebuilt website that can suit a fanpage blog, artist, DJs, or lifestyle website. With a modern approach, Music & Life combines a simple mega menu with one containing large featured images to emphasize the header section. The content is displayed widely, while the footer is minimal and classy.

Kattmar Prebuilt Website

5. Kattmar

Kattmar is a vibrant combination of pastel colors, geometric Prompt fonts, and plenty of negative space. The engaging pop-up module shows up to greet the visitors with a newsletter information. The Kattmar prebuilt website design is balanced by wide elements and two-column ones.

AniGlobe Prebuilt Website

6. Aniglobe

This unique web approach can bring animation enthusiasts in a single place. Aniglobe is a beautiful and artistic website that servers as a great community database for anime lovers. The Aniglobe prebuilt website comes with a textured background, and a long-height display for your beautiful content. It makes use of a very bright seafoam green, and darker, greyish hues of the same color to emphasize its radiance. Aniglobe uses duotones and gradients to bring an artistic touch.

Crypto News Prebuilt Website

7. Crypto News

The interesting CryptoNews Magazine prebuilt website is definitely a great acquisition for a cryptocurrency website. It uses dark gray shades combined with green & white accents. CryptoNews is built with white spaces and rounded blocks, airy sidebars, and trustworthy badges. For a modern crypto news website, this prebuilt design allows you to publish content available for subscribers only by using the membership tool.

Parenting Prebuilt Website

8. Parenting

The Parenting prebuilt website is a clean, full solution for an online blog or magazine that publishes daily news about family or children subjects. With white, grey, and green accents, the Parenting site is built with editable modules, ad spaces, comprehensive sidebars, an airy header, and an informative footer area.

Revenant Prebuilt Website

9. Revenant

Revenant prebuilt website uses a black background and white typography, with rounded buttons and blocks to provide an extraordinary user experience. To emphasize the titles, the hover color is pink and the used font is called Poppins. Inspired by classy magazines and cinema portals, the Revenant design brings aesthetics and unlimited customization possibilities within your grasp.


All the full Newspaper demo designs come with the paywall/membership functionality built-in so you can deliver exclusive content to your paying members. Every prebuilt website is entirely customizable, so you can change settings, layouts, headers & footers, and make any possible modifications. Starting with Newspaper version 11.4.2, you have amazing pop-up modules and global colors you can easily assign on your site. Which prebuilt website is your favorite and why? Let us know in the comments, as we would love to discover your amazing sites. Stay tuned as more prebuilt websites are about to be released so you can enjoy creating a website with the right tools.

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