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Building your Blog, News, and Magazine website has never been easier. Newspaper helps you create and design your project without any coding skills. All the features you need for an awesome site are already packed in a single news theme WordPress. Experience the power of design with Newspaper!

For beginners & professionals alike

Over 68,000+ happy customers trust Newspaper Theme WordPress with their blog, news, magazine and business projects. You should, too!

Build everything on the frontend

All your ideas are ready to become reality. Drag and drop any element to create your design right on the frontend. No coding skills required!

Modern and trendsetting designs

Choose the perfect out-of-the-box theme for your every project. Newspaper brings you 50+ full website designs ready to be customized!

What makes over 68,000 happy customers love

Newspaper theme

Unlimited designs, powerful options, an entirely customizable framework, and outstanding support are just a few of the reasons. Read below to find others!

Fast Start with 50+ Unique Demos

Find exactly what you need with our unique demos, perfectly designed to help you build your website. Each demo is a full website with a distinct character and feel, but you can always get creative. Load a demo in a heartbeat and easily customize it to make it pixel perfect. Newspaper WordPress Theme powers up your inspiration with dozens of specialized demos and hundreds of one-click elements & layouts. Start now!

Breathtaking Post Templates

Say hello to the new you - the skillful web designer! Create eye-catching articles in a way that has never been possible before. We’ve created over 35 astonishing post templates to give you the power to write, show, broadcast and publish everything in no time. Add or remove elements, bring new sections, change layouts, and style featured images. Everything is now customizable!

Awesome Pages

Build your pages just as you imagine them. Add blocks, customize their design and change the page structure. The new generation template builder transforms this struggle into Click-to-Create fun gameplay. Enjoy the freedom to shape everything right on the front page and see it happening instantly!

Create Exquisite Layouts in a Heartbeat

Reduce your development time significantly! The Newspaper Theme brings you access to the tagDiv Cloud Library plugin. Enjoy an extensive collection of wonderful layouts. 430+ ready-to-use one-click elements are here to help you design your posts and pages the way you've always wanted.

Your Complete Toolkit for Web Design

tagDiv Composer is a spectacular page builder, created specially for the Newspaper theme. It gives you all the tools you need to create, design, and shape up your Blog, News, and Magazine project in virtually no time!

Landing Page Elements

For the first time ever on a WordPress magazine theme, you can easily build spectacular landing pages. Control the width & height on sections, content position, resize columns, adjust padding & margins, and more. All the multipurpose capabilities are now packed in the Newspaper Theme!

It is the perfect theme for any news related website. I really like the backend and the technical support. Thumbs up for this WordPress theme!

Marcel Knobloch

Coin Hero

Choosing Newspaper Theme was a great decision. The demos helped us get started super quickly. Thank you, tagDiv team!

Amarkant Singh

Travel Speak

Great theme! This is my first WordPress site in about five years, and Newspaper made it really easy. The support is also awesome.

Ryan McCain

Interesting Answers

68,000+ dedicated customers trust Newspaper Theme with their projects

You should, too!

5 Shapes for Flex Block

Power up your website with the Newspaper WordPress Theme and 5 variations of Flex Block. Now, you can use this versatile element to create any online content design you like! We’ve put them to work and created 125 pre-built block layouts you can easily import on posts and pages from tagDiv Cloud Library. You’ll love them: dazzling designs, advanced filters, responsive editing, fully customizable, and absolutely no CSS code required!

Featuring Content Creators

10+ stunning Author Page Templates ready to use with a single click are waiting for you in the tagDiv Cloud Library. You can now quickly create eye-catching presentation pages for all your authors. Highlight your content creators' features by customizing each page using the power of the tagDiv Composer in Newspaper magazine premium theme!

15+ Beautiful Category Templates

With the unique tagDiv Cloud Library templates you can transform simple category pages into creative interfaces. They easily guide the visitors to the desired content with this publisher theme. Now shaping each category of your website is a child’s play. Edit the layout, the featured images, fonts, colors, everything. All the templates use an enhanced posts loop structure that allows you to display the articles precisely the way you like it. Build spectacular category pages!

You are in good company!

Tens of thousands of people around the world have already created successful projects with Newspaper Theme.

140+ Customizable Sections

The moment you’ve been waiting for has arrived! With the Newspaper theme it's easy to develop a framework for your content, then dynamically apply it across your website with one click. Add extra shortcodes such as a Call-to-Action section to your articles to boost your traffic and conversions. Just edit the template, and you can add or customize a variety of elements.

Stunning Big Grids

Make sure that your visitors notice at first glance what is the most valuable content on your website. These big grid layouts were designed to help you do exactly that, so get ready to impress!

Various Header Styles

Stop thinking of logos, identifiers, and ads! Enjoy the pleasure of using headers specially built for branding. Whether you want a strong, centered logo, or a small, side placed one, with Newspaper everything is perfectly balanced for every need!

24 New Fancy Footers

The footer is an essential part of the website design. Start paying attention to it! Dozens of delightful footer templates ensure you have the right balance of information, design, and usability. Minimal or complex footer designs, you can now customize each pixel to get the most of every page in your blog template WordPress project.


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Mobile First Design

Stop trying to cram a desktop design into a mobile screen. With the Newspaper theme, everything fits perfectly on the small screen devices out-of-the-box, right from the start! Choose the performance and blazing-fast loading speed with a premium WordPress magazine theme built for mobile.

Developed for performance

The Newspaper Theme is designed to handle a large amount of content while delivering the best user experience. Try out a template created using the best technologies on the market to see why 68,000+ users love Newspaper. Start your website now!

Optimized out-of-the-box

Built using the recommended coding standards

Smoothly integrates with Yoast SEO plugin

Support for Google Structured Data and Schema Markup

Makes your pages SEO optimized out of the box

Google AMP

Load Content 5x Faster

Newspaper Theme loads only the essential content to create a great experience for your audience. The Accelerated Mobile Pages support is easy to set up. Customize your site for Mobile in under 5 minutes.

Mobile Theme

Newspaper Theme brings you an entirely new architecture for mobile devices! This is the first theme that automatically adjusts pages and content to create an extraordinary user experience!

Intelligent Ad System

Recommended for both AdSense and banner ads! Monetizing your website is easier than ever. We chose the exact placement of the ads to avoid ad blindness. You get 14 predefined & 5 custom spots, plus an automatic detection system. Discover the power of the most intelligent ad system!


By the best web designers

Premium Widgets

Carefully handcrafted widgets deliver top of the line performance to make your website more attractive than ever

AMP Plugin

Discover the new standards on page loading speed and mobile optimization for WordPress news themes with the tagDiv AMP plugin. We took the Google AMP plugin for WordPress, tailored it to perfectly integrate with the all the features you love in Newspaper theme.

tagDiv Cloud Library

Hundreds of pre-built templates, layouts, and sections are waiting for you. Explore a huge collection of one-click elements and develop your website like a professional web designer.

tagDiv Custom Gallery

tagDiv's gallery is more than just a photo slider! With a unique design and integrated lightbox feature, this gallery is the perfect solution for any image collection. It can accommodate different aspect ratios and each image displays a description, and the copyright information.

Weather Widget

Bring the beautiful weather to your website using our alluring widget! The weather cannot be controlled, but as soon as this is possible, we will add this option to the widget 😉

Exchange Widget

Dive into the center of international exchange markets and let your users enjoy an immersive digital experience!

Instagram Widget

All your wonderful images from Instagram have a new home. Bring powerful emotions and memorable moments into your website with Newspaper 9. Use it on footer or sidebar and delight your visitors!

Social Counter Widget

Display your social network activity and get ready to go viral! The widget design is now flexible, allowing you to try out each layout and choose the one that fits your website best!

Popular Category Widget

Guide your visitors to the most appreciated content on your website. This handcrafted widget allows your readers to enjoy the best-rated categories showcased in an eye-catching design.

Author Box Widget

Display the authors sorted by the number of posts or by name and help your visitors discover more articles from their favorite author.

Ad Box Widget

We know how important monetizing a site with the Newspaper template WordPress is, so we built a new way for you to incorporate banner ads into your website. Start earning right away!

Newsletter Widget

Keep your visitors engaged with the new content on your site. tagDiv Newsletter plugin comes with 8 elegant styles to help you reach out to your audience, and it’s integrated with the MailChimp, MailerLite, and the FeedBurner RSS feed provider.

Seamless Compatibility

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Create your exquisite projects with Newspaper Theme - the most complete blog, news, and magazine WordPress theme!