Six Copywriting Tips for Engaging Content

Keep your visitors returning to your website by publishing original, engaging, and error-free pieces of content. I said “pieces” as the content is a big puzzle where the text combined with images and videos gives you a full and pleasant experience. The way you interact with the audience through content is influencing your analytics reports, such as the website’s traffic, or social media. Get creative with these 6 copywriting tips and develop your new content strategy to obtain better results with your WordPress website.

Good content gets viral easily. Bad content could also get popular, as well. However, how doCopywriting Tips you want people to remember your website? As a poor-quality or top-quality source where they can come back and look for the right answers? Visitors want to identify with situations they search and find online. If you’re stuck with “I don’t know where to start” or “I want to change the way I create content”, keep on reading.

1. Who’s your audience?

Whether your website is brand new or you’ve had it for a while, it’s imperative to know who your audience is and outline a visitor persona profile. Since it’s best to know users’ interests, A to B split Testing Persona UserGoogle Search Console is a handy tool; it can help you understand what are the queries searched by your audience to reach your content. There are other analyzing software that can provide relevant copywriting information such as Google Analytics, or the Adwords reports for paid advertisements on SERP.

2. Visual Content Matters Too

If you believe that engaging content means you only need to write something down, think again. It’s necessary to show what you’re saying, as sometimes a picture is worth a 1000 words. Along with images, use videos, gifs, and infographics to create visual engagement. For a Branding via Videosmore personal note, you could take images or videos yourself. As for the infographics, there are online templates that can really help you to start off. Also, people will react if your content is “shareable” on social networks. Interactive storytelling is the leading key to keep your visitors stay longer on your website.

3. Diversity: the art of thinking independently together*

An important aspect in copywriting is that you should focus on is the diversity of your subjects. For example, if you have a travel site, you can write about places, food, cultures or people. Even if these are the main subjects, you can diversify them by publishing information divided by experiences; for instance, you could share with visitors: tips to pack your bags, situations Social Media as an Outletyou might encounter while traveling, why it’s essential to know how the weather is before visiting a new place, how to do your research before flying to a foreign country, and more. There are many aspects you share as personal experiences that can help many readers prepare for their next journey.

4. Clean Content Typography

Sometimes, even with excellent writing skills and great pictures, your content is not read, and visitors drop the page immediately. This may happen if you’re using the wrong or hard-to-read fonts, and long paragraphs. Besides, people love being able to scan a text quickly, so you should focus on short paragraphs, add headings & subheadings, bullet lists, and other visual elements. Discover what exactly typography means and how it can help you engage more with your audience from this article.

5. Look-alike Design

A website is usually created by three parts: header, body, and footer. If you want to accessUI / UX tips the “about me” or “contact” page, you automatically go to the bottom of the site, and search for it, while the “Blog” section is found on the main menu. Similarly, since there’s a tendency to publish content based on various subjects, it’s best to organize and show them within a pleasant layout.

6. Feedback

The growth and spike in trafficAnother helpful tip is to ask your readers for their feedback. For instance, you can invite them to comment in the dedicated section or via newsletter. It’s important to know the audience’s opinion on what you publish. Feedback makes you stronger, and you’ll try harder to provide quality content.

Words with Thoughts

Interesting content is also valuable, and you’ll see results through the spikes of traffic or social media. Don’t forget to establish a strategy, a layout design, and be consistent. With so many content formats, you should publish blog posts, long-form articles, podcasts, case studies, reports, ebooks, presentations, and anything you could think of. If you want to avoid web design mistakes, you could take a look at our comprehensive guide. Share with us in the comments below, what your preferred method of showing content is and what other copywriting tips you have tried.

* A nice quote of the Malcolm Forbes

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Alina G.
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  1. GREAT articles Alina! Really appreciate what you write about and how you deliver the information. I’m going to read ALL of your posts and I know I will get a ton of great info from them. Thank you!! Look forward to more too!

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    I like the tip on diversity. That’s what keeps the site really interesting and appealing to different people.


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