Design Trends: Videos as a Style and How to Show Them with Newspaper theme

A sleek presentation is like an entertainment ticket for your visitors. If you need inspiration for your website, let’s make today about visuals. Consider adding videos to animate your website and bring visitors closer. Whether your website is about cars, fashion, traveling, architecture, and anything in between, you might wish to have outstanding pages and posts to show off great videos. Below, we’ll explore new ways to use them using Newspaper theme and the tagDiv Composer page builder.

Keep Your Website Expressive and Entertaining

Nowadays, taking a video to mark a special occasion or mood has become a global trend. Developing a website driven by your hobbies, you automatically become a blogger. How about adding some vivid emotions to your site? Yes, I’m talking about personal videos that you share on YouTube, Vimeo or others. They are timeless, educational, and entertaining at the same time.

Did you know that if you constantly publish articles and add visual content on your site, you keep the audience even closer? Create great aesthetics to your website and keep a personal note with your visitors. Videos are a powerful tool in visual communication, as they are an assembly of design, typography, and animation.

Importance of Videos in Web Design

In web design, a video is a vibrant, interactive experience, and people are attracted to everything in motion. They show empathy towards it and get the main ideas faster. Driven by technology, videos have become performant while making websites, social media or platforms more engaging.

Moreover, they are a mix of visual elements and effects you can use to emphasize the content on your website. Created in different shapes and sizes, they tell a story. Let’s figure out how to incorporate such a design with Newspaper Theme by using three different methods.

1. Video on a Row with tagDiv Composer builder

You can show videos on your site’s header section easily with Newspaper Theme. Open a new page on the front end using the tagDiv Composer page builder. Find the video you want to add and copy its YouTube ID. Now select the row you want to show it off, then paste the ID. Do some tweaks to the paddings and margins, and your video is ready to amaze everyone!

2. Featured Video on a Single Post with Gutenberg Editor

Maximize the use of your videos by enabling them on posts with the WordPress Gutenberg Editor. All you need to do is to create a new post and change its format from standard to video. Now, paste the wanted URL onto the Featured Video box, and you did it! Furthermore, you can fine-tune your post by choosing a pre-made design template. Find out more on how to customize your article with single post templates.

Video on Icon Popup with Column Background

3. Multiple Elements added to your Block

For this last method, you’ll need to create a new page and open it using the tagDiv Composer builder. Choose a page layout with 2 columns and start adding elements. Begin your story with a title/column title element (shortcode) and drag it from the list. After you take this first step, add your content in an inline text/column text shortcodes. Now, add a button element and a Call to Action message. For the second column, add a background image. Now, drag and drop the icon element. Choose the preferred icon, in this case, you should add a video player one. In the General settings tab, you’ll find the Video Popup box where you need to paste the full URL. You can show videos from both YouTube and Vimeo platforms.

Every Video has a Story. What’s Yours?

Videos are like decorations and they make the readers feel like they are a part of them. Every one of them is surprising, so is the way they’re embedded onto your website. Keep them connected! Whether you set amazing videos as featured on posts, or add them in your pages, there are infinite ways to show them with Newspaper theme. Let us know in the comments below what’s your favorite method ?.

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Alina G.
Alina G.
After a long journey through fine arts, I finally found the place that challenges me every day. With a strategic approach, I’m creating valuable and relevant content about our products and the news industry. My innate conversational skills are my strongest point.

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  1. Hey, how about adding an app creator within the Newspaper/Newsmag themes? This would be the ultimate game changer (as if you wern’t so already!) We use Newspaper theme and it’s the best we’ve ever used! Great job on keeping your business professional… updates, support, the whole package. Congratulations on your success and we hope to see your products continue to inspire and innovate for years to come.


    Matt D.
    D AND N Productions/Cosmic Entertainment

  2. Awesome, thanks for posting! I’ll definitely share this with my client who uses the Newspaper theme — I keep telling them they need to use more videos!

  3. Hi,

    Great options for videos, will have to try some on my blog.

    How about adding videos into posts? I mean, videos that I host in AWS, is there an option to add these videos into posts?



    • Hi,

      Please note that our theme has been designed to used only videos from Vimeo and Facebook. We cannot say for sure if the videos hosted on AWS will be displayed or not with the theme. You can try this thing and check the results. Thank you for your interest in our theme. Unfortunately, the blog is not assigned to the support team. For support, please open a new topic on / and provide all the details. Our expert team is ready to assist you ASAP.

      Thank you!

    • Hello,

      It seems to be a problem with the API from YouTube. To fix this, please remove the TD Composer and install it again from the Plugins section in Theme panel. After that, in the Social Networks section, you will see a section where you need to set up your personal YouTube API Key according to the following documentation from here ->

      Hope this helps!
      Best regards!

  4. Hello!

    I’m having problems configuring the video background on homepage. I uploaded the full “Construction” demo, but the video background can not be seen. I tried changing the “Youtube ID” using TagDiv, but it just doesn’t show up.




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