tagDiv Cloud Library Tag Templates

tagDiv Cloud Library Tag Templates

What is a Tag Template and what is it useful for?

In WordPress’ early years, there were no Tag Templates, and only category templates were provided. The ever-growing need for a complex structure of posts made it hard to only use categories. More and more categories and sub-categories were required for complex article taxonomy structures. This led to very long category lists that were very hard to manage and thus the tag taxonomy started. Tags are similar to categories but with a more in-depth description of particular posts. The tags are smaller in scope and focused on specific topics.

In WordPress, if you do not select any category for a post, then your post takes the default “Uncategorized” category. Tags, however, are not automatically added unless a user adds them specifically.

Just as the categories, the tags require their own template as when a user clicks on a tag of your post, he is lead to the specific tag page. That’s why we’ve created the tagDiv Cloud Library Tag Templates, to help you gather specific posts with the same tag into a single page.

How to apply tag templates?

The Newspaper Theme comes with 3 predefined Tag Templates for you to try out. With the tagDiv Cloud Library plugin open, navigate to the Tag tab. Look through each design offered. Click on the one you like and import it. Once imported, go to the Newspaper Theme Panel and open the Template Settings tab. Navigate to the Tags Template to apply your newly created Tag Template. With tagDiv Cloud Library Tag Templates, you can now design a new universe for your tags!

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