tagDiv Slide Gallery: How to showcase beautiful images in Newspaper Theme


Have you ever wanted to showcase your photos in a delightful way? With a unique design and light-box feature, this amazing tagDiv Slide Gallery was built to enhance your articles’ value. Moreover, it can accommodate a different aspect ratio, and also each image displays a description and the copyright information.

The tagDiv Slide Gallery

First things first, to display the thumbnails of the feature, you need to have them enabled in the Newspaper Theme Panel. Go to your WordPress Admin Dashboard > Newspaper Theme Panel > Block Settings. Under “Thumbs on modules and blocks,” enable the 80 x 60 thumbs and 0 x 420. With these settings on, we can start creating our gallery.

Add a new post through the WordPress Admin Dashboard or click on an already written article and edit it. If you want to give your articles a personalized look, import a Single Post Template or create one from scratch using the tagDiv Cloud Library. You can then select to use the template for the post you’re editing by selecting it in the “Post Settings.” For more information, check out this blog post.

How to create an image tagDiv Slide Gallery?

Open the article, and insert a “Classic” element through your Gutenberg editor. Then press the small “Add Media” button.

tagDiv Slide Gallery

Click the “Create Gallery” section. When it opens up, select all the images you want to display. Don’t worry, you can always come back and edit it later. Now press the “Create a new Gallery” to travel to a different window.

tagDiv Slide Gallery

On the right side, there is a section called “Gallery Settings.” Choose “Media File” in the “Link To” drop-down menu. Now the audience can click on any of your photos to display them full-screen. Under “Gallery Type,” select “tagDiv Slide Gallery.”

There are other settings here as well:

  • Pick how many columns you want for the gallery through the drop-down menu.
  • The photos get displayed in the order they were published or added to the Media Library. However, if you enable the “Random Order,” the pictures get arranged differently.
  • Type out a name for the element in the “Gallery Title.”
  • Resize the photos and how they appear for your audience through the Size drop-down menu.

When you’re done, click the “Insert Gallery” button.

tagDiv Slide Gallery

Last Steps

Use the Gutenberg interface to go back to editing the gallery. Just hover over it and then click the pencil icon. So, at any given point, you can add or remove any images.

All that’s left to do now is to “Publish” or “Update” your post. Great job!

tagDiv Slide Gallery

Now, when the users scroll through your post and come across the gallery, they can inspect it further by clicking on any photo. The picture then resizes to be full-screen, and they can use the arrows on the side of the picture to browse through the rest of your photos.

tagDiv Slide Gallery


Newspaper Theme helps you impress the audience feature by feature. With the Slide Gallery, you can easily create a stunning presentation of your beautiful photography. Each post can be a storytelling slideshow, drawing the reader in to explore even further. Take advantage of this and improve the user experience of on your website.

Have you created a tagDiv Slide Gallery, yet? Show us your brilliant results in the comment box below!

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