What is the Cloud Library and How You Should Use It?


The tagDiv Cloud Library brings you over 810 already-built layouts. We have designed it to simplify the way you create layouts in the Newspaper theme and make your website stand out! The innovative system of tagDiv Cloud Library allows you to import templates and customize them using the drag and drop functionality.

The plugin has three significant purposes:

  • Helps you create stunning templates and pages easily, without the hassle of adding CSS code;
  • Allows you to use of the tagDiv Composer on all WordPress templates;
  • Provides a growing database of pre-made templates, homepage, sections, blocks and so forth.

With the tagDiv Cloud Library, there’s no need to create your content from scratch. You can easily import the selected element, and use it directly or customize it to your preference and style. You can also import pages easily with one click! Just add your content straight through the tagDiv Composer and you have a beautiful page from scratch. Find out more about the tagDiv Cloud Library Page Templates here.

Think of it as a template builder that comes with a vast collection of layouts for every section of your site. You can browse the tagDiv Cloud Library collection, preview the unique designs and import the one(s) you love!

How to use tagDiv Cloud Library

First, make sure to activate the plugin from the theme plugins section:

tagdiv cloud library

Once activated, you can access a new menu in the WordPress admin area called “Cloud Templates.” It let’s you to see your currently imported templates, or to import a new template from our cloud servers.

At a glance, you know the purpose of each layout as each template has its own category.

  1. To import a template from the tagDiv Cloud Library, click on the Cloud Templates menu. Then press the “Add New” button.

tagdiv cloud library

2. Select the category of the template you wish to import.

tagdiv cloud library

3. Choose the layout by clicking on it. Let’s use a post template for this example.

tagdiv cloud library

4. Press the “Create template” button. You are automatically redirected to the tagDiv Composer page builder where you can customize the template. You can easily modify the layout to fit your vision or, simply, leave it on default.

tagdiv cloud library

If you’ve used the tagDiv Composer before, this should be familiar. If not, we recommend using the tagDiv Composer tutorial to learn how to use the page builder before attempting to modify the templates.

  1. When you’ve finished the adjustments, press the “Save Settings” button in the tagDiv Composer and then Close the page builder by pressing the x button:

tagdiv Composer basics add element

  1. All your imported templates are located in the Newspaper > Theme Panel > Post Settings > Default Post Template, ready to be used globally.

Globally means that the new template is going to be used all over your website. In this particular example, the imported template becomes the default post template replacing the theme’s default one.

You can apply your imported template from the Theme Panel under Template Settings for each template you are changing.

Whether you want to create a new layout from scratch or to modify an existing one, Newspaper has you covered. The new version of Newspaper helps you design everything on your website without touching a single line of code. Customize the layout for any articles and posts, sections, categories, authors, archive, tags, or search pages using the drag and drop functionality.

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Bogdan B.
Bogdan B.
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    • Hi, Torjorn!

      Your website looks wonderful. ❤ We are delighted to see what a great job you did! Thank you for sharing it with us!?

  1. Hello, new guy here. I have the ‘fastnews’ theme and looking for all the customization options or themes available for the authors pages. Is there a page that dives into author profile pages and options for them? TIA!

  2. Hi, Bogdan
    This is one of the best post to understand about the cloud library in newspapwer theme plugin. i’m big of newspaper theme & tagdiv support team thanks for make easy to us.

    Thanks again.
    Michel Joachim

    • Hi,

      We appreciate that you share your best thoughts regarding our theme! Thank you for your awesome feedback!

      Bogdan B and the tagDiv team.

    • Hi,

      The cloud library plugin can be installed from the theme plugins panel https://prnt.sc/pyw9oq It is also provided in the full theme package in the plugins folder. Then it should appear in the dashboard so you can import cloud templates. In case there is a problem, we could take a look. Please send us an email at contact@tagdiv.com and provide the website URL and admin login. Mention some more details about the issue in the email. Also provide a license key with valid support. Let us know.

      Thank you!

  3. Hi,
    I am trying to change the top bar menu style, but I am unable to do it, my header manager is not activated. how can I activate my header manager please?

  4. Hi can we add php code in cloud templates with tagdiv composer like we use to do earlier in directly editing the php code in child theme. Like If I to want show button from other plugins like this

    • Hello,

      Unfortunately, the child theme does not affect the TD Composer or Cloud Template Library plugin but only the main theme. Also, we do not recommend to affect the code from that plugin because you can easily break the theme functionality. Further, if you need more technical assistance, please open a new topic at our support forum from here -> https://forum.tagdiv.com/forum/newspaper/

      Thank you!
      Best regards!


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