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Newspaper 10.3.7 Update Brings Customizable and Fast Mobile Pages


The Newspaper 10.3.7 update brings you new tools to craft beautiful pages for mobile devices. We know how important mobile pages are for your audiences. They must be responsive and the content adapted to the small screens. This time, we’ve redesigned and rethink the way you were creating your pages for mobile devices. Enhanced for optimization and flexibility, tagDiv Composer is the frontend page builder that makes everything possible. You can now build mobile pages and upload only the elements that are really necessary, without showing the full menu, and with all the shortcodes within your grasp. Let’s demonstrate how easy it is to create and customize mobile pages with the Newspaper theme, right on the frontend of your site!

Edit the Mobile Page

Newspaper Mobile Web Design & Customizability

With the tagDiv Composer page builder, you have now unlimited customization possibilities to design mobile pages. Until today, it was not possible to build mobile pages from scratch, with their own shortcodes, without all the elements shown on desktop. Newspaper 10.3.7. update allows you to create pages specially-crafted for mobile screens with stunning flexibility, and this will improve your overall page speed and page usability.

With the new way of creating mobile pages, you’ll definitely have the most appealing and fully-functional website. The freedom of customizing mobile pages to your liking will boost your UX and UI results. It’s the same website, but whole new experience for your visitors. It is not enough to ensure a responsive and adaptive website design that automatically resizes the content of a page or post. Starting with the Newspaper 10.3.7 version, you can mix and match elements for the mobile pages live, right on the frontend of your site.

How to Create a Mobile Page with tagDiv Composer

If you want to create a new mobile page, you first have to go on the website’s frontend and choose a particular page or template to edit. The main functionality of the new mobile page system can be found at the top of the screen, near the “Edit with TagDiv Composer” tab, and it is called “Mobile Page .” Here’s an example of how this should look:

No Mobile Page

If you click on the “Mobile Page No mobile page” tab and the page does not have a mobile version, then it will appear the following message “No mobile page, please import or create a new mobile page

A new mobile page can be created by pressing the + icon at the right of the mobile page section. The newly created mobile page is blank by default, but you can check the Copy Content box below the mobile page name and hit the Create button. This option is going to copy the whole desktop content and paste it automatically into the new mobile page for easier content manipulation. Then, if you’ll open the dropdown, all the existing mobile pages for this page in particular will appear one beneath the other.

Furthermore, if you’re currently editing a page with the tagDiv Composer page builder, you can easily build a mobile template or just edit it. Below the tagDiv Composer menu, you have the page breadcrumbs, and two important sections called Edit and Create Mobile Template

All the mobile templates that you’ve created can be found in the WordPress Admin Dashboard; you’ll see the mobile pages in the pages sections, and the mobile templates in the  Cloud Templates.

If you open the backend of your Newspaper website and navigate to the Pages area, you’ll see two new columns added. The Mobile Page column shows if a particular page or template has a mobile page assigned or not to it, while the Mobile Template column informs you what type of page it is (mobile or not).

How to Edit The Mobile Pages

If you are on the frontend of your website and open a specific page, you have to navigate to the top of the page and click on the “Mobile Page ” tab to open the dropdown. When you hover over the wanted template, you can edit the mobile page by using the small pencil button next to the mobile page name.

Click the Pencil Icon to edit

Once you press the pencil button, you will be redirected to tagDiv Composer in the editing mode. From here you can add, remove, and adjust the block elements you want to show on your mobile pages.

Header and Footer for Mobile Pages

Every website should have a top and bottom area. This is the nicest way to say hello and say goodbye to your visitors. Headers and footers on mobile devices should be just as appealing as the ones from your website’s desktop versions. With Newspaper Theme and the Website Manager within the tagDiv Composer page builder it’s easy to select or import a header and footer for your new mobile page.

Website Manager

Coming Soon: Pre-Designed Mobile Templates in the tagDiv Cloud Library

tagDiv Cloud Library is the largest pre-made design templates gallery you can choose from. Just create, customize amazing pages and posts with tagDiv Composer and tagDiv Cloud Library. It has more than 1200 already-built layouts for homepages, sections, blocks, single posts, author, or 404 pages, and so on. In the Cloud Templates section you can choose to see only the mobile templates; these are marked by a red MOBILElabel and import the one you like. Please note that for the moment these pre-made templates are blank as default. We’ll soon add mobile layouts in the tagDiv Cloud Library.

With the new mobile pages functionality released within the Newspaper 10.3.7 update, pre-designed templates will soon be available to import and customize the way you want them. Check out the library and keep an eye on the latest added templates!


Starting with the Newspaper 10.3.7 theme version, you can build special pages for your mobile audience. Create the homepage, a single template, or a light customized header version using the tagDiv Composer page builder and the frontend functionality. Newspaper theme is customizable from top to bottom, for website desktop versions, as well as for mobile ones.

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Alina G.
Alina G.
After a long journey through fine arts, I finally found the place that challenges me every day. With a strategic approach, I’m creating valuable and relevant content about our products and the news industry. My innate conversational skills are my strongest point.


  1. Very excited for upcoming pre-built mobile templates, but I would like to know about “speed”. Speed is above everything else for mobile. Which would load faster;

    (1) tagDiv Mobile Theme plugin or
    (2) Mobile Template without Mobile Theme plugin installed?

    And, if I deleted Mobile Theme plugin, how can I put ads in AMP?

    Thanks in advance

    • Hi,

      They are comparable now in terms of speed, the mobile theme and a mobile page. However it depends on how many elements the mobile page contains. You could make a test, with a mobile page created with the composer, with a mobile header and footer template set, and a mobile theme page. Test both cases. Without the mobile theme, you would be using just the AMP plugin however. There are solutions online for adding ads in the plugin, you could try some guides.

      Thank you!

        • Hi,

          Actually the most popular way of displaying ads would be to enter the ad codes in the theme directly, no plugin required. You could use plugins for the ads if needed, but I can’t make any recommendations for it, try some of the most popular ones, also free if possible.

          Thank you!

  2. Is customisation available for mobile pages even if you have Mobile Theme Plugin install or we can customise normal mobile pages without Mobile Themes plugin.

    As the template come from Mobile Theme Plugin is same.

    • Hi,

      The new mobile features can be used when the mobile theme is not active, or for when the mobile theme is set to apply only for AMP. Each page/template can now have a mobile version, created with the composer. If the mobile theme is active, then it’s own templates will apply instead.

      Thank you!

    • Hi,

      We could take a look at it. Please send us an email at and mention and provide a link to the website, we will check. Also provide admin login in the email, in case we need to take a closer look.

      Thank you!

    • Hi,

      The new features are all mentioned in the article. If you have questions about the new update, let us know. You can always create a new topic in the theme support forum, we will try to help.

      Thank you!

  3. I repeat my comment that was not aproved (although there was nothing wrong/disrespectful in it, only it was not laudatory): it is an awesome update, if it works at all, which is not the case, in this recent update.

    • Hi,

      We always approve most comments, it may take a while until we check however. Thank you for the kind words, and sorry for the inconvenience.

      Thank you!

  4. We have been waiting this feature for more than 5 years..Nice to have it now. But we have to wait may be 5-6 updates more to use it efficiently, especially for WPML users.

    I have been using this theme and wpml for a very long time and there are still compitability issues especially for banner ads translations and translating cloud templates. You know banner ads are the main income for news sites.

    Anyway, this is a great update, long waited

    • Hi,

      The new feature for mobile pages will be improved further. If you would like to share with us some more details/suggestions regarding this new feature, or about the issues you are having, please send us an email at and mention them there. We appreciate all the feedback you can provide.

      Thank you!

  5. I delete some element from the web version to make a mobile-optimized page I just created mobile pages but these pages are not working it’s showing a web version

    • Hi,

      If there are problems after the update for you, you can contact us by email at so we can take a look at it. That would be the best and quickest way for us to investigate issues. In the email provide a link to the website, admin login, and the license key. Let us know.

      Thank you!

  6. I’ve been never able to enable amp with mobile theme. I tired with different sites with mobile theme to use only on amp version but it resulted to mobile themes loading on mobile devices and amp simply load the regular version of site and also shows as non-valid amp pages. Is there any solution to this?

    • Hi,

      We could take a look at it if there are issues. Please send us an email at and provide a link to the respective website, and admin login. We will check how AMP works or if there are any problems with it.

      Thank you!

  7. A few questions:

    If I were to create a mobile page, what happens to the settings for mobile screen sizes on the main (desktop) page? Are they taken into account any longer?

    With WP Rocket, would I now need to enable ‘separate cache for mobile’, or should the theme take care of that comparability too?

    One of the biggest issues I’ve had is with Google’s new Core Web Vitals. The big grid flex and featured images fail this test on mobile. On desktop, it passes fine, but their seems to be a significant issue with mobile. See here:

    With Core Web Vitals playing such a huge role in rankings next year, I would highly recommend ensuring the theme is updated with this in mind and is in-keeping with the best practices.

    On that note, there does seem to be a lot of Inline JS and a ton of Inline CSS that is generated on the page (using TD Cloud Library, not Standard Pack btw). It would be good to have a feature which allows you to combine the relevant CSS/JS in an external file which can be called upon with link rel.

    Just my thoughts. Keep up the good work.

    • Hi,

      The content on mobile (no mobile theme) will be the one from desktop if no mobile page/template exists, if there is a mobile page/template, the content will be from it. I believe that setting from the rocket cache should be active, to serve a dedicated cache for phones, as it will not be the same content. I haven’t tested this myself however. As for the theme overall, there were and will be more improvements with each update, in multiple aspects.

      Thank you!

  8. hi, after modifying the page with this new method, the advertisements are no longer seen from mobile, while from desktop yes. Do you have a solution to my problem? Thanks

    • Hi,

      Did you enter ads in the mobile version of the page as well? They will not be displayed from desktop, since the mobile page is a different page. Use ad boxes in the mobile page as well, if you want to display ads in it. In case there is a problem that we should check, you can always contact us by email or by support forum. We will try to help.

      Thank you!

  9. I have created mobile page for my website and it works fine but when I tested it in different screen size it does not work property, is there any way to fix this issues . Thank you

    • Hi,

      There are a few issues with this relatively new feature, they will be fixed as soon as possible. If you want us to check if what is happening for you is already known to us and being fixed, please send us an email at and provide a link to the page where this is happening, along with a few more details about the issues. Please let us know and sorry for the inconvenience.

      Thank you!


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