Newspaper Theme: Click to Design with Premade Styles for Flex Blocks

A preset is a series of settings that change the design of the element you’re working with on a page or article. The Newspaper Theme, with its latest update, introduces multiple presets that allow you to adjust the style of the Flex block. Simple, just like turning a switch on or off. The settings modify the internal CSS code to give you a spectacular result without any effort.

Through much research, our design team has created them based on the latest trends. They work well with one another, just like peanut butter and jelly.

What can you do with Premade Styles?

Imagine how much time you can save by trying out what would look better in an instant. Let’s say you alter the padding of the box, the vertical alignment of the posts’ images, and change the font families to suit the rest of your website’s.

The Premade Styles feature lets you experiment with different looks for your blocks easily. There’s no need to change each setting in the Layout and Style panel to test different designs. You can do everything within a few clicks.

How to use Premade Preset Styles

All you need to get started is a working Newspaper 9 Theme and Flex block 1 on your page. Once you have these, click on the element. Then in the top left corner of the General panel, you can see the Premade Style Presets button. Press it.

Now you can access a list of predetermined looks and switch between them to test whatever works best for you. For example, start by changing the font family, the alignment of the text, the size of the title or even the aspect ratio of the featured image. You have the option to show or hide specific elements such as the excerpt, author name, category tag or even the comments.

For further adjustments to the block, navigate to the Layout or Style panel and play with the settings until you get the perfect layout. If you need any further information about the Flex Blocks, check out this blog post.

In Conclusion

The main difference is that now you can quickly test new looks by just accessing these settings. If you already love creating unique layouts with Newspaper Theme, you can still make adjustments the same way you were used to.

Feeling creative? Customize your Flex block as you like it. Don’t forget to post the results in the comment box below to share it with us and our audience.

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Alexandra I.
Alexandra I.
As an artist and designer, I aim to create something brilliant daily. Eager to learn more, I use my free time to get better at what interests me, whether it's photography, painting, or even something entirely new.

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