Five Ways to Keep Visitors Engaged with Your Website

When creating a website, your job never seems to end as you keep tweaking various aspects of it. If you got yourself a brand new website, and you’re very proud of, it’s time to draw some attention towards it. You’ve implemented everything correctly, added the Google Analytics tracking code, and the Facebook Pixel. You got some traffic, but the bounce rate is high. Which means people come and go, without navigating through your content. How can you make your site more effective to hook readers? In today’s article, I’m going to show the most popular ways to keep your visitors engaged with your website.

Develop a Plan and Set Priorities

Whether this is your first attempt with the online sphere, when you have something to tell people or not, you’re dealing with digital marketing. This involves Content, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, Advertising, and Email Marketing. These are the five tools you need to use day by day, to make great achievements. I won’t lie. It’s a lot of hard work to build a brand in the online environment and keep your visitors engaged with your website. The amount of effort required depends on your goal: do you want to be in the spotlight and beat the competition, or just to hang in there.

1. Content

The best way to build a relationship with your visitors is to publish stuff they can resonate with. And, when I say content – I’m also referring to media resources such as images, videos, or why not – podcasts. Amazing content makes visitors sensitive, and they respond by returning to your website and staying longer.

Besides publishing great content on your site, you might also write some guest posts on other websites, that will give you more exposure. Be careful, though. If the provided information is not interesting and catchy, people won’t click to see your extraordinary website.

2. SEO

The SEO is an abbreviation which stands for Search Engine Optimization. This means that if you want to make your site more relevant for search engines and help people find it naturally, SEO is the key. As the author and marketer, Lee Odden suggests, “content is the reason search began in the first place.” With this in mind, write and publish quality content, and optimize it for search engines.

By applying good SEO strategies on pages and posts, a search engine recognizes the traffic quality and quantity of a website, ranking it higher. Don’t mislead visitors to your website with unrelated titles, meta descriptions, or keywords. This type of action will only make the search engine think the worst about your site. You can check out this Infographic by Mark Walker-Ford that highlights how SEO looks in 2019.

Keep visitors engaged: Content, SEO, Newsletter

3. Social Media

A great way to make people curious about your website is to be on social media platforms. Greet visitors with your beautiful stories on short, so they want to read more and land on your website. Show them where and how the magic happens.

People are fond of their smart devices and social networks. I’m sure you find yourself browsing or scrolling down on feeds to see what others have to say. Depending on what network you want to create an online presence, such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram, you have to publish content in different ways. Each platform has its own guidelines regarding image/video sizes, word count, and type of content. Early this year, Social Media Today published a comprehensive article on how social media performs, divided by industries.

4. Advertising

Word-of-mouth advertising will never die. However, to let people know something about your website and business, you’ll also have to use online marketing tools. You can prepare Google Ads campaigns and include brand identity and proper descriptions. Furthermore, you can advertise on social platforms to attract more visitors. Social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Linkedin or Instagram have their own management dedicated to business. Also, as an advertising alternative, you can promote tweets, boost posts, and target audience according to your preferences. Once you understand how they work, it’s only a matter of time until you get the wanted results.

5. Email Marketing

As a theory, email marketing refers to the act of sending commercial messages via email to a group of people. It is a direct way of communicating with your audience. Invite people to subscribe to your newsletter, and decide what kind of emails you want to send them. Keep your emails interesting, engaging, and useful to your audience so you can prevent spam reports. The easiest way to do email marketing is if you use a dedicated platform, like Mailchimp, GetResponse, MailerLite, or Drip. These companies provide automated email services.

Go Over the Top with the Best Strategy

There are a lot more other factors to consider when you want to grow your online presence. One of the main things to consider is to get a theme that gives you the freedom to customize everything without code knowledge; a theme that’s compatible with popular SEO providers, social network friendly, and ads-ready. Also, if there’s email marketing integration, it’s for the best. Create your strategy, choose your tools and talk with your audience, not to it. As the popular author, Ann Handley says, “you need to create ridiculously good content – content that is useful, enjoyable, and inspired”, you can influence visitors to stay longer on your website, to find more. So, what’s the next step you’ll take to bring your readers closer to you? Comment below and let us know ?

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Alina G.
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