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Keeping in touch with your visitors and future customers is a very important thing for your business. Whether you have a new article you want them to read, a fresh product for sale, or you’ve just uploaded a great photo from your vacation, e-mail is still one of the most personal ones for your audience to stay up-to-date. Newspaper comes with the fastest solution to this, in the form of the Newsletter plugin. This is specially crafted to let you show newsletter subscription fields to your visitors in various locations. People still check their inbox on a regular basis, so you’ll pop-up in their private mail with valuable information, without spamming them.

Where to find the Newsletter plugin?

The Newsletter plugin is placed in the Dashboard section > Newspaper > Plugins. Once you install and activate the plugin, you’ll find the Newsletter element in the tagDiv Composer page builder, “External Shortcodes” area. Simply drag and drop the block wherever you want on the page, and start customizing it according to your preferences. The Newsletter element supports different newsletter providers and has awesome styles that catch your visitors’ attention.

Integrating different Newsletter providers

Newsletter plugin in tagDiv Composer

The General tab comprises options for the Title text and description. It also contains the disclaimer text for extra information. The input placeholder is a text that appears in the empty field where you want visitors to enter their personal information. Once they click on it, the text will disappear, leaving space for their own e-mail address. There are various platforms you can use to push your marketing campaign through, whether you need to tell a story or sell products.

First, you need to choose the wanted newsletter provider from the three options available: MailChimp, Mailer Lite, and Feedburner. After you have made this choice, you must enter the embedded form code.
In this tab, you can also change the text on the button and the horizontal alignment of the texts. Moreover, if you want to further customize this element, you can add an extra class.

Select an appealing Newsletter style

The Style tab comes with customization options regarding the appearance of the Newsletter element. There are 8 different designs for the presentation of this feature namely Simple, Simple with image, Bordered, Bordered with image, Bordered with icon, Bordered with top bar, Multicolored border, and Dark.

With the Newspaper theme, you can test your creativity by styling every little part of your Newsletter subscription element with different colors and typography fonts. The title, description, disclaimer text, background, button, input text, or the border can have a distinct color to please the visitor’s eye. You may even upload a preferred photo for the style that requires one and personalize the Newsletter element to the core.

Furthermore, pick out a font that you like from the predefined list, or add your own to change the appearance of your texts and make them more appealing. To take things to another level, surprise! The Newsletter subscription element is responsive, and you can customize it to look differently on any screen device. Once you’ve set everything, the newsletter form will be available on your page for your users.

The importance of Newsletters in your business

Issuing newsletters helps you maintain contact with customers and increase awareness and understanding of your company. The Newspaper WordPress theme helps you keep your visitors engaged and connected to your website. Use a newsletter whenever you publish new content on your website when you want to promote services, or you launch updates and new products.

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    • Hi Mike,
      Thank you for reaching out! For technical assistance with our products, please include your message into a new topic on, or via email at Our support team is ready to help you! Thank you for understanding.

    • Hi Darren,

      Thank you for your interest. Unfortunately, we haven’t tested any compatibility between the tagDiv Newsletter plugin and the one you’ve mentioned, so we cannot say if it works or not. Our plugin works properly with the MailChimp, Mailer Lite, and Feedburner platforms. If you have more pre-sale questions, please drop us a line at Thank you for understanding!

    • Hi,

      Unfortunately, please notice that we do not have tested this case and also, we cannot say for sure if it will work or not, sorry! Notice that here is talking about two different functionalities which come from two different ways
      -> from our theme and from JetPack plugin, sorry!

      Thank you!

    • Hi,

      Unfortunately, that plugin has not been tested with our theme and also, we cannot say for sure if it will work or not as expected with the theme, sorry!

      Thank you!

  1. I have been using tagdiv theme for my blogs but unfortunately i was not able to enable subscription form. Thank you so much for sharing guide on using MailerLite and MailChimp.

  2. Dear TagDiv-Team,

    unfortunately the whole Mailchimp form does not load in the Newsletter plugin. I have created different user fields there, such as five subscriptions by time (see the right side of the footer of my site). However, the newsletter plugin only displays the fields for e-mail and GDPR confirmation. Since the previous time selection is a condition for sending, the plug-in is actually not working in my case.

    Thanks for feedback,

    • Hi,

      Please note that’s the functionality of our Newsletter plugin! If you want to display more fields from your MailChimp you should directly add the code provided by the MailChimp inside the Column Text or Text with Title element. Unfortunately, the blog is not assigned to the support team. For support, please open a new topic on / and provide all the details. Our expert team is ready to assist you ASAP.

      Thank you!

  3. I am getting this excellent on this Comments system. I have not changed anything but the bd name, password and username. It is a very useful information to us ,thanks for sharing.

    • Hi! Thank you for reaching out to us. If you want to show the newsletter service on the sidebar, you can drag & drop the newsletter element from the tagDiv Composer’s list. If you need technical help with this, please open a new topic on, and our support team will gladly assist you. Thank you for understanding!


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