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Since Newspaper’s release in September 2013, we are constantly remodeling it, to meet your expectations. This year we worked harder than ever to impress you, our beloved customers. We launched the first frontend page builder for news websites, to simplify the way you create your pages.

This time, we are changing the game rules. We have listened to all of your demands and designed a more powerful Blog, News, and Magazine theme. For the first time ever, a news theme empowers more possibilities of creating the perfect website. We have just released Newspaper 8.5, the highest performance version of our WordPress template!

Now, hold your breath. We are introducing new and astounding ways of creating your news website! Carefully crafted, the new features let you experience the joy of designing your own landing page using the best-selling theme for blog, news, magazine, review, and publishing sites.

So what’s new

By now, we are sure you got used to the amazing and dynamic tagDiv Composer. It’s time to bring something extra to the table. We are pleased to introduce tagDiv Multipurpose, a brand-new, intuitive plugin, that compresses all the multiuse capabilities into your news website. These unique tools are handcrafted to match any landing page you design for your site.

The tagDiv Multipurpose plugin is interconnected to the tagDiv Composer plugin, as an addition to the page builder. This new and revolutionary plugin includes a library of 21 new content elements, 8 beautiful demos, the possibility of making full-width pages, custom templates for reuse, multiple one-page site, gradient colors, various responsive options to set the spacing, borders, shadows, overlay colors or backgrounds.

Eight new demos

The sources of inspiration let your imagination flow. So, why not start your landing page using a predefined demo? 8 new amazing ones have been handcrafted to change your perspective on your website: “Smart APP,” “Restro,” “Dentist,” “Technology,” “Law Firm,” “Construction,” “Showcase,” “Haven Spa.”

Multiple one-page site

We all know the one-page website concept. Its approach is based on order, minimalism and swiftness. Because we know that organizing your news site is important, we have combined navigation with content principles and came up with the Multi One-Page site features that let you have more one-page websites on a single platform.

Wider Rows

If you ever wanted to set a wider row width on the page, now it’s possible. You can build compelling full-width pages by setting a wider version on each row and mixing them to fulfill your preferences.

Parallax Video Background

A great way to interact with your visitors is to design an entry page for your website and style it using an image or video background with parallax. Also, you can apply it to any row.

Page Template with Overlay menu

This pre-built template is necessary if you want to set a new image and the menu over it.

Empty Page Template

If you enjoy minimal layouts, without sidebars or menus, you can select an “empty page template”, that has no elements, and start customizing it to your liking.

Pages as fancy footers

A new way to style the bottom area is to design a beautiful page and then assign it as a footer for your site.

Newspaper is keeping up with technology to deliver you enjoyment and work comfort
Becoming a Power Elite Envato author hasn’t been an easy task. Your need to improve your digital and designing skills has always been in the first place. Developing the best news WordPress theme in the world has been a real challenge. Thank you all for helping us make it better and better with each update! With this in mind, we are thrilled to reveal Newspaper 8.5! More tools, more flexibility, more of WYSIWYG.

Watch the film

At tagDiv, we build themes for smart people. Crafted with passion, delivered with care, updated to perfection. Discover the art of publishing!

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Alina G.
Alina G.
After a long journey through fine arts, I finally found the place that challenges me every day. With a strategic approach, I’m creating valuable and relevant content about our products and the news industry. My innate conversational skills are my strongest point.

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  1. Bonjour je suis administrateur de site WordPress. J’utilise newspaper 8.5 et je reçois à chaque fois un message d’activation du thème.

    Je cherche à payer la licence mais aucune information sur votre site. Que faire ?



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