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Live Search on your website is an underappreciated usability function. It helps your visitors quickly access the desired content by giving results based on the input keyword and each letter typed into the form. With Newspaper Theme 9.5, you get access to a brand new shortcode: the Header Live Search. Add it straight into your header and give the audience a way to access different pages of your site.

Header Live Search

What do you do with the Header Live Search feature?

The Header Manager is one of the core features of the 9.5 update of Newspaper Theme. With it, you can build and customize a website’s header from the ground up. Our team has created a series of shortcodes to accompany it. They give you the elements necessary for a fantastic layout.

Once you add the Header Live Search into the header, you give the audience the content they are searching for instantly. It pulls up articles, posts, pages relevant to the keyword helping them access it faster than ever before.

There’s a lot more to do with the Live Search:

  • Each result displayed to your readers can be customized from adding padding to the meta info to resizing the featured image for the page.
  • Create a search form that fits in with your site’s appearance (give it a background color, add a placeholder text, and many more.)
  • Add a hover animation over the results such as a shadow display or even a movement one.

Let’s dive right in and explore each possibility in detail!

Create the Header Live Search

Import a Header Template straight from the tagDiv Cloud Library. Now, whether you’ve chosen to import a Template or create one from the ground up, don’t forget to customize them to fit in with the rest of your website. Keep the look uniform throughout the design process.

To start customizing the Header Live Search shortcode, find it in the tagDiv Composer and drag it into your Header if you haven’t done so already. Now click on it to open the settings tab. In the General Settings section, you can choose the icon that appears for the button. We advise using a magnifying glass as it is easily identifiable by the audience.

Click on the Show Search Form option to see how your Search Form looks. Adjust the Search Form width, the padding, border and its alignment for starters. You can also choose a text placeholder which appears in the form and then disappear as the user starts typing. Add margins, padding and type the text that appears on the button.

Customize the Header Live Search

In the Results Module settings, you can find options for how the results are displayed within the search form Box. The Modules per row lets you show multiple posts on a single row. This works well in case you want the Posts Limit to be a higher number. Add a hover animation for your modules in the Hover Effect drop-down menu.

The Meta info has many customization options: choose the padding, margins, hide or show different parts of it such as the Category, Author, Button, Date, Comment, and many more. Mix and match to see which works best for the vision you have in mind.

The Style settings are divided into different zones:

  • The first section is the Search Icon. Choose the color of the icon, and if there’s text that accompanies it, you can choose the font and color of it, too.
  • Search Form is next, pick the background color, the arrow color, the border’s color if you have a border. There are also input and button options.
  • ‘The View All Results’ is at the bottom of your form. This section can also be customized in the Style settings of the Search Results Box.
  • The Search Results Module deals with all the fonts, shadows, colors of the Meta info and everything contained within the displayed results box.

With Newspaper Theme, you’ve got virtually unlimited options available to you. Test out designs to find the one that works best with the rest of your website.


Use the Header Live Search to display search results in real time to the audience. This helps them find what they are looking for faster and thereby creating a good user experience. Design and customize the element to fit in perfectly with the rest of your content and website. Display as many search results as you want and adjust their size accordingly. Get creative with Newspaper Theme!

Use the comment box below to share your fabulous designs with us!

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