Installing Demos

The Newspaper Theme comes with 63 unique designs for your website. Our demos are carefully tested, so you don’t have to create everything from scratch. Installing demos is the fastest way to get started. Choose a template, a click, and you’re done.

Preview / Installing Demos:

You can preview the desired demo before installing it. Go to Newspaper > Install demos section. There you can find all of our available demos. Choose the one you like and click on the Preview button to preview a demo or Install button to install a demo.

Check out the new 7 Fully Customizable Demos that allow you to edit every item on any page and template and add your content straight on the front-end through the tagDiv Composer. Now, designing can be a piece of cake!

Quick Install for a Demo

You can also use the Quick Install panel, but note that it automatically installs the demo content.

Newspaper WordPress Theme: Installing Demos

Include / Exclude content:

You can install a demo importing all settings and content or just the settings. Go to Newspaper > Install demos section. Choose the one you like and turn to ON or OFF the Include content setting.

  • When this option is ON, the demo also installs the content (posts, categories, menus, and many more).
  • When this option is OFF, the demo includes just the predefined settings.

install demos content

Important notice: If you choose to install a demo with content, do not edit the content and use it as your site content, because the content gets removed when uninstalling or switching demos.

Uninstall a demo:

If you decide to change the demo or uninstall it, the import system makes sure that your website is clean: no additional sidebars, menus or content. It leaves your website just like it was before you installed the demo.

To uninstall a demo go to Newspaper > Install demos section. Click on the Uninstall button.

Install Demos

Combining multiple demo elements:

Demos can be installed only one at a time so you cannot combine multiple demos from the section presented in this guide, but you can import sections or entire pages from other demos using the Cloud Library plugin. Please refer to the Cloud Library section for more details on how this can be achieved.

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  1. I’m ready to customize my theme. Should I uninstall the previously installed Demo? I thought maybe the ‘only settings’ feature would prefill styles and stuff I could use to save time.

    • Hi,

      If you do not like the style of our demo, you need simply disable it and start creating your own layout of your website. If you need more assistance in this case, please open a new topic at our support forum from here -> because the blog is not assigned to the support team. Open a ticket to our forum and our expert team is ready to assist you ASAP.

      Thank you!

  2. I just want to know that can we shift to other demos without having to miss all our content in it? I am currently using Newspaper black version and i want to change it to some other demos. Is there a possible solution regarding this. pls help, thanks!

    • Hi,

      Thank you for your interests in our theme! Yes, it is possible but with the following mention. If you like a demo and if you want to use that layout, feel free to use it. We recommend to use it without dummy content because if you will edit them when you want to change the demo, all of your edited content will be lost. You need to use the demo without dummy content and create your own content. Further, if you need more technical support, please open a new topic at our support forum from here -> and our team are ready to assist you.

      Thank you!
      Best regards!

    • Hi,

      If it’s possible but it’s not recommended that thing. Please note that, if you choose to install a demo with content, do not edit the content and use it as your site content because the demo content will get removed when uninstalling or switching demos. If you want to keep the content as your own, please create a copy of the page and use the copy as your content. If you need more technical assistance, please open a new topic at our support forum from here ->

      Thank you!
      Best regards!

    • Hi,

      Please note that any demo you will choose it is suitable for the Woocommerce shop. It depends on what kind of layout do you want to have on your website.

      Thank you!


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