Fast-Start Your Site: 7 Fully Customizable Demos to Capture the Crowd!

The Newspaper Theme 9.1 update comes packed with 7 brand new Fully Customizable Demos for you to explore and enjoy. These pre-built website designs can be shaped without touching a single line of code. Each page can be adapted to match your vision. Why don’t you check it out?

Fully Customizable Demos with Newspaper Theme

Discover the 7 New & Customizable Demos!

The 7 Fully Customizable Demos are Gaming, Lifestyle Blog, Gossip, Fast News, Entertainment, Living Mag, and Journal. They have been created by our dedicated design team and you can easily import them right on your website.

How to do that? In the Newspaper Theme Panel, click on the Demo you like and choose whether to bring the prepackaged Sample Content. Click the install button. Now, take a look at your newly-redesigned website!

Let’s bring your story to the next level as well. Open an article through the tagDiv Composer to customize it. Design the layout, choose which fonts to use, pick the colors you want and then hit Save.

Do you feel like reshaping a partiular page? Great! Drag and drop elements of the page to adjust the design. The new Demos allow you to make any change right on the frontend. With no more custom CSS codes for each element and page, designing becomes a breeze. Moreover, the new update for the Newspaper theme brings you a ton of goodies and you can read more about it here.

Try out new looks for your Fully Customizable Demos

From the homepage, category page, 404 page, posts, everything is adjustable. Why not check it out? Open a Category page through the tagDiv Composer. Move any elements around. Posts Loop, Titles, Flex Blocks, Breadcrumbs, your vision becomes a reality. Take control of the page’s layout now.

Keep a certain consistency throughout each page. All the while, you can add new twists to any page. Here’s a suggestion: modify the colors that appear on the Single Post Template of your fully customizable Demo. This can be the stepping stone to your redesign journey.

Design the page’s layout. While you’re at it, choose typefaces that work well together to change the mood and convey your intended message. And, if you’re not a fan of a template or page, import a new Cloud Library template and assign it to the page in question. It’s that easy!

Create the perfect layout right on the front-end

If you’re thinking of building a new website, the new Fully Customizable Demos are a great fast-start. Import an entire website’s design in a few seconds.

The new Demos are an excellent solution for anyone that needs a full redesign of their website. After all, an idea is shaped through the will of its creator. With Newspaper Theme you are more than a creator, you are the web master. Use your imagination to come up with the best layout to showcase your personality.

Save up time by adjusting each element right on the front-end. This, in turn, gives you more time to create new content. Moreover, in a world where a blog gets created each minute, your website has to stand out from the rest. Tweak and personalize each block to improve the site’s visual appeal and create a memorable impression in the mind of your visitors.


More on the Fully Customizable Demos

Get access to the 7 new Fully Customizable Demos with the Newspaper Theme. Import one of them for more flexibility in design. Put your creative skills at work and touch perfection within just a few clicks. High quality and easy functionality right at your fingertips!

Have you installed one of the Demos, yet? Then, show us how you’ve customized it for your website in the comment box below! ?

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