The Newspaper theme comes with a free license for the Revolution Slider plugin, so you use it to create stunning imagery on your website. In this article, you have a step-by-step guide on using the Revolution Slider plugin with Newspaper Theme.

The license is a bundled one and does not come with an activation code. We provide regular updates for the plugin, so you do not need to purchase it to have access to its functionality, and features. Again, you don’t need to buy or registered this plugin!

Using the Revolution Slider plugin with Newspaper Theme

Our “Plugins panel” has to have all the plugins bundled into the main theme .zip file to be able to install them. We’re always trying to keep our theme’s file under 8 MegaBytes, the default upload limit on most hosting environments. Revolution Slider 5 has grown from 1.5MB to almost 5MB.

Due to licensing restrictions, we cannot download it from our servers to your host. So, the solution is to pack it in the plugins section of the Newspaper Theme in a bundle.

You can find Version 5 of the plugin under the following folder structure:



How to install Revolution Slider 5

Go to your WordPress admin panel and open the Plugins > Add New section. Click on the Upload Plugin button and browse your local computer to find the Newspaper-tf  > Plugins > Revolution Slider 5 folder. Select the file and click the Install Now button.

After the process is over, activate the plugin.

Importing sliders for theme demos

The theme provides many predesigned sliders that are used together with the theme demos which you can import and use freely on your website.

Using the Revolution Slider plugin with Newspaper theme is a sure way to create visually impressive pages. Our designers used sliders in the demos. This is the reason why, before using a predefined demo that contains a slider, you need to make a few adjustments:

1. After you have the demo installed, you must install the Revolution Slider plugin and activate it in the Plugins section.

2. Click the Import Slider button in the Revolution Slider section:

Revolution Slider plugin with Newspaper Theme: Getting Started

3. Choose the slider associated with your theme demo (you can find it as a .zip file in Newspaper-tf\demo_sliders folder) and click the Import Slider button.

Revolution Slider plugin with Newspaper Theme: Importing Sliders

4. Once you complete the installation, you can find it in the Revolution Slider section. You have to click the Settings symbol:

Revolution Slider plugin with Newspaper Theme: Settings for Sliders

5. The slider requires a category to extract posts from, so you have to choose it from the list:

Revolution Slider plugin with Newspaper Theme: Importing slider for demos

6. With the category set, all you have to do is save your changes by clicking the Save symbol on the right side of the page.

Now, you are ready to use the demo. You can also create a slider where you need it with ease. Have fun creating your website!

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Do you need any help with the Newspaper or Newsmag WordPress Themes? Please send us all the necessary details via email or create a new topic on our online forum. We're always happy to assist you.


    • Hi,

      What exactly is happening when you use the slider? I made a quick test with the latest version of the theme and the revolution slider plugin, everything seems to be in order. If you want us to take a look, please send us an email at and provide admin access. Mention details about the issue so we can make some tests.

      Thank you!

  1. Can you use Slider Revolution on a demo that doesn’t include it. I just want the SLider plugin but my current demo doesn’t include it. Also the Plugin is asking for an activation code, is that overridden in the demo install?

  2. Hi,

    I’m having a lot of trouble getting Revolution Slider working on our site. I’ve swticedthe theme to Twenty15 and deactived all the plugins except Rev Slider and I finally got it to work. I re-activated the plugins I needed and it still worked. I activated Newspaper and then nothing. Im at my wits end. I just can’t get it to work. Any suggestions would be greatly appeciated.

  3. Hi! I want to add a Carousel from Revolution Slider, but it says that module is not installed, when I want to install it, it ask me for the Registration Key. So, bundle plugin does not need a purchase key, but how can I get access to this modules that are from Revolution Slider?

    • Hi,

      We can provide the revolution slider templates included with the plugin, but note that certain add-ons or sliders are available only by purchasing the plugin. Because the revolution slider is included as a bundled plugin, users don’t have access to the template library of the revolution slider, that is available only for purchased licenses of the plugin. The slider templates are too big in size to include in the theme package, so only the actual default plugin and demo sliders are included. Please send us an email at and we will provide them.

      Thank you!

  4. Hello,
    Can anyone here help me about my slider showing white spaces every after transitions. i purchased newspaper 9 theme with a revolution slider plugin

  5. Hi Team,

    Your documentation above is out of date. Would you have new documentation as the Rev Slider plugin has updated.

  6. Hi,
    I’ve been using Newspaper and REvolution Slider for a long time without a problem, but today trying to fix some ‘defer javascript’ issues, my Rev slider just stopped working and then went crazy. Now it overlaps with my posts on homepage.
    Any advice on how to solve this? Thanks in advance

    • Hello,

      First of all, please make sure that you are using the latest version of the theme and the plugin version which come bundled with the theme packet because this one was tested with the theme. Further, if you need more technical assistance, please open a new topic at our support forum from here -> and we are ready to assist you.

      Best regards!

  7. Salutare,

    Cum pot seta Revolution Slider sa apara pe articol dar si pe categorii? Acum e doar in pagina principala.

    • Salut,

      Daca vrei sa adaugi Revolution Slider si pe paginile de posturi si categorii, atunci va trebui sa iti setezi un Single Cloud Template si Category Cloud Template si sa adaugi acolo shortcode-urile de Rev Slider. De asemenea aceste tempalte-uri trebuie sa fie asignate posturilor tale, ori pe general ori individual daca ai categorii favorite. Pentru mai multe detalii si sfaturi, va trebui sa deschizi un topic la suport aici -> si va vom ajuta.

      O zi faina!
      O zi faina!

  8. Hi,

    I enjoy the Slider Revolution plugin, but was looking forward to being able to use the pre-made template library for animations and effects. Do we need to then purchase a license from them? Or should you be able to access those?

    • Hi,

      Thank you for using our theme! Unfortunately, the bundled Revolution Slider does not allow you to access the pre-made template library for animation and effect. Probably, you should purchase the license for accessing them.
      If you need more technical assistance, please open a new topic at our support forum from here -> and we are ready to help you.

      All the best!

  9. I would like to use LayerSlider plugin – but can not insert into the header the [layerslider id=”1″] shortcode – as doing nothing with raw HTML – no other possibilities to insert..

    I dont like slider revolution – just difficult for me.

    • Hi,
      Thank you for reaching out to us! The Revolution Slider performs as expected. The Revolution Slider Alias needs to be copied from the Standard Module Embedding within the Slider Revolution tab from your WordPress dashboard. Please make sure to copy the full name and add it onto the tagDiv Composer – Revolution Slider block. As our Blog is not assigned to the Customer Support Department, please open a new topic on the forum or send us an email, if you need further assistance. We’re ready to help you! Thank you for your understanding!

  10. Hi, you said “Please ignore the activation messages, bundled plugins do not require activation” but i need the add svg icons and revelotion slider ask me to licence key. My theme license key is not enough?

    • Hi,

      Thank you for reaching out to us. The bundled plugins are tagDiv Cloud Library, tagDiv Composer, the Mobile Theme, Social Counter, tagDiv Shop & co. The Revolution Slider is developed by another software company and comes with both free and premium version. If the Revolution Slider requires you a license key, it might be because you are attempting to use a premium feature and you need to upgrade. If you need assistance with your theme, please open a new topic in the forum or send us an email, as the Blog area is not associated with the Customer Support Department. Thank you for understanding!

    • Hi Ismail,

      The Slider Revolution requires a different license than the Newspaper theme one. It’s a standalone plugin and to use its premium version, you should purchase it from here. If you need help with your Newspaper theme, please use our official support channels at or by email at Unfortunately, our Blog is not assigned to the Customer Support Department. We’re ready to help. Thank you for understanding!


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