Showcase your website: Happy One Year Anniversary!


Last year we challenged you and ourselves to start this adventure and discover the most beautiful and inspiring websites built upon Newspaper and Newsmag themes. Your feedback took us by surprise as all the submitted sites fitted into one or both categories. We are amazed by all this proactive attitude and feeling you invested in our community.

Today, our joint project “Showcase your website!” just reached one year. You shared with us over 400 astounding websites. You have also given us your thoughts about using Newspaper and Newsmag themes and inspired us to create new features for you. Together we have discovered so many great websites and found out that there is no limit to creativity. Thank you for being part of such a creative portfolio! Without you and your work, our Showcase would be empty, without vivid colors and emotions!

As winter is here, we want to share with you 14 more wonderful traveling, news, personal blogs, tech, music websites designed using the Newspaper and Newsmag themes – to warm your hearts. Since every detail might be a source of inspiration, we bring you all these awesome solutions to double your persistence and ingenuity for highly functional websites.

“Showcase your website” will continue in 2017 to give our customers the opportunity to share their amazing work using Newspaper and Newsmag Themes with the community.