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Newspaper Theme: tagDiv Cloud Library Sections

What is a tagDiv Cloud Library section?

Ever wanted to simply add a whole part of a page that includes multiple blocks elements and styles all together in one click? Then the sections are the answer. We created predefined structures you can import into your pages for outstanding layouts. Before starting with the sections, you should take a look at the tagDiv Cloud Library. Here’s an article that helps you get a fast start with tagDiv Cloud Library in the Newspaper Theme.

In the tagDiv Cloud Library, dozens of sections are waiting for you to import them on your website, all crafted with care by our designers. You can choose to import whole page designs like about page, product, portfolio or just sections. See all the beautiful layouts here.

How tagDiv Cloud Library Sections work?

You can use sections in two different yet easy ways. You can add them to an existing page, or you can import a whole page design.

When importing a section directly from the Cloud Library, it will create a new page on your website. Therefore, it can be found in the pages area of your WordPress dashboard. You can add a section on an existing page using the Add Template button in the tagDiv composer.

Combining demos?

With the new tagDiv Cloud Library sections, you can combine all your favorite demo elements into your page.  We offer over 140 sections form all of our theme demos. You can use no matter the demo you currently have installed on your site.

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