How to Make an AMP Ready Website with Newspaper Theme

Is your website optimized for mobile? Discover how to make your pages AMP. Use the Official AMP plugin, tailored to integrate with all the features you love in the Newspaper theme.

How to install and activate the AMP plugin

Firstly, you must access the Newspaper Plugins section, which contains all of the theme’s specific plugins. Then, press the Install button for both the AMP and Mobile Theme plugin.

AMP plugin - Activate

We’ve removed the previous AMP plugin as it was built on the initial launch implementation for AMP. The latest updates for the plugin opened up new possibilities for your website and we’ve made all of them available for you.

Mobile Theme integration

Now, AMP is integrated into the mobile theme plugin for faster results. You can benefit from all of the functionalities designed for small screens devices on your AMP pages. The mobile theme settings are AMP compatible, while the mobile theme transforms your AMP pages into beautiful layouts.

Choose one of the 3 Mobile Theme and AMP settings that best fit your project:

  • Mobile – Displays content using the Mobile Theme on small screen devices (no AMP)
  • Mobile+Amp – Displays content using the Mobile Theme on both mobiles and AMP
  • AMP – Uses the responsive version of the theme on small screen devices and Mobile Theme only on AMP.

The Mobile Theme plugin is AMP native which means that all the Menus, Search button, Backgrounds, Colors, Excerpts, Ads, Custom code, now work with your AMP pages. You can find all the AMP plugin settings under the Mobile Theme settings from the Theme Panel.

Please read our official Mobile Theme Plugin Tutorial to learn how to set all of the above.

Speed is the key

Speeding up Ads is a great way to boost performance. The Newspaper Theme brings you an intelligent ad system. It also works for AMP advertising, making your ads more visible. Newspaper Theme comes with six spots where you can place ads. See the Mobile Theme settings to configure them.

There is also implementation available for Adsense Auto Ads for AMP now. You can now integrate such ads in the AMP ads section right from the Mobile Theme settings.

AMP plugin - Mobile Theme settings

Tracking is important

With the AMP implementation, you can track your site traffic even on AMP content. All you have to do is access the Theme Panel > Mobile Theme > AMP Analytics, and paste your Google Analytics code. This section allows you to place the AMP Analytics code in the template header so you can track user interactions with AMP pages.

For the AMP Analytics Code to function correctly, please use the following implementation:

AMP plugin - Google Analytics tracking code

Using the SEO best practices and the recommendations of Yoast SEO plugin author, this solution is designed to work seamlessly with the Newspaper theme. You can verify that everything’s working properly, using the browser emulator or the AMP testing tool.

In order to see a preview of your amp template, simply add “/?amp” at the end of the URL and the theme will render the AMP preview.

To avoid any AMP error, we recommend disabling the admin bar for AMP pages from the official plugin settings.

Important note: the “supported templates” settings enable or disable AMP for specific templates. Make sure the template you want AMP to use on is active in this screen and make sure the Website mode is set to “Transitional”

You can also enable or disable AMP for specific posts, pages, categories, etc from the WordPress editor so you have better control over specific localized activation

The tools enhance the capabilities of your website to give you a new definition of performance.

Mobile pages should be light and fast! This way, they can keep the reader engaged and maintain return visits into favorable values. You can get a higher rank in Google search with the AMP pages and quality content. Thanks to the instant loading, the time spent on page increases, as well as the CTRs, and the bounce rates drop consistently.

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Bogdan B.
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Do you need any help with the Newspaper or Newsmag WordPress Themes? Please send us all the necessary details via email or create a new topic on our online forum. We're always happy to assist you.


  1. Hi, thanks for the good post. I have used your Newspaper theme and enable the “AMP” plugins. But, I have 2 issues.

    1. Main Menu does not appear in my AMP Pages/Post.
    2. Error – Custom JavaScript is not allowed. (I always get this error, I didn’t place any header and footer code)

    The above mentioned are the two errors I got. Could you please help me?

    • Hi,
      Please include this message into a new email via or open a new topic on to get technical assistance from our support team. Our blog is not assigned to the Customer Support Center. Thank you for understanding!

    • Hi,

      Please help for this issue my amp not working properly in amp pages or post
      also main menu not appear on amp.

      Please need your help

      • Hi,

        Please ensure that you have correctly installed the theme according to our documentation from here -> via FTP way because this is the surest method in this case. If you have any untested plugins, please disable all of them, clear all the caches, purge CDN files and check the AMP functionality with a clean install. Also, if the problem persists, please send us an email at with your log-in information (wp-admin) so we can further investigate it closer to your setup page.

        Thank you!

    • Hi, Olaniran!
      Thank you for reaching to us! Please open a new topic in the Customer Support Center – and provide all the relevant details. Our support team is ready to assist you. If you don’t already have an account, please create one (it takes about 1 minute). Unfortunately, the Blog is not assigned to the Customer Support Center. Thank you for understanding! ?

  2. I am using tagdiv AMP for my website, but there is one issue, in the AMP page or post we not found any menu icon and the menu option that is the problem for many people that have been using tagdiv AMP plugin

    • Hi,

      Currently our AMP plugin does not feature a menu. This might be added in the future, I cannot say for sure at the moment. Sorry for any inconvenience.

      Thank you!

  3. Hello, I’m testing the new amp system with the mobile theme, but the amp pages on our site do not look as expected.

    I also get the following message in the posts

    Your site does not allow AMP to be disabled.

    another problem was the increase in indexing errors of the AMP pages

    • Hi,

      There should’t be any problem in the matter, both the AMP and the mobile theme plugins have to be active as a first step. Then the option to integrate them has to be active in the Theme panel->Mobile theme section as mentioned in the guide. If you followed these steps and there are problems, please send us an email at and provide admin login so we can begin an investigation.

      Thank you!

    • Hi,

      The guide explains how you can integrate the mobile theme plugin with the official AMP plugin. When both plugins are active and the mentioned setting is enabled in the theme panel mobile theme settings, AMP will be active permanently. If you have more questions or issues, please create a new topic in the theme forum, or send us an email at and we will gladly help.

      Thank you!

      • I tested the theme on a computer. If you go to localhost from a mobile phone, we get 302 redirect. If you go to the page from the computer, then everything is OK, we will see the amp version. When I have time, I will record a screencast.

        Took to check the first website of the newspaper 9.6. The behavior is similar. Amp page starts to appear normally only after visiting the page from the desktop. Hm… Maybe it has something to do with the formation of the cache.

        P.S. Permalinks included. Sorry for Google Translator )

    • Hi,

      Unfortunately disqus is not officially tested with the theme, so there may be issues when using a disqus plugin or code implementation. The mobile theme uses files of it’s own, the mobile version is different from the desktop version basically. If you have more questions please create a new topic in the forum or send us an email at

      Thank you!

      • My amp ads are showing without me entering the amp auto ads code, don’t really know if that’s possible. However, I don’t know where to enter the code for page-level ads in the mobile theme.

        • Hi,

          If ads appear on mobile then they must be coming from somewhere. Maybe you entered ad codes in the mobile theme ads section. If you want us to take a look, please send us an email at and provide admin login. From what I know page level ads were replaced by auto ads, for auto ads there is now a dedicated field in the theme panel mobile theme section (when the mobile theme is enabled for AMP).

          Thank you!

  4. Hi there is a great way to work. But there is a serious problem … activating the function from the settings and following the guide, the site works very badly and does not get well at all.

    can I solve this problem? because it is highly appreciated and works well with Google but with my site no. and so I’m forced to downgrade

    • Hi,

      If there is a problem with the new AMP implementation in your case, we could take a look. Please send us an email at and provide admin login. Mention as many details about it as possible.

      Thank you!

    • Hi,

      The analytics code has to be entered as mentioned in the guide. The code must have the form presented there, all that it would require is that you enter your own tracking ID in it.

      Thank you!

  5. Hey tagDiv team,

    Why we use Yoast SEO plugin?
    I move all managed by me projects to RankMath,
    RankMath free, lightness, and do the job better and quickly,
    All paid features from Yoast SEO is FREE in Rank Math

    ANy chance to get support this plugin?

    • Hi,

      We recommend the Yoast SEO plugin, we only tested this plugin with the theme up to this point. However it is not required that you use this plugin exactly, if you have found a different SEO plugin that has the options you need and works properly, then you can use that one. From what I know there aren’t any plans to begin testing with the SEO plugin you mention, for the moment.

      Thank you!

  6. Hi team
    What is this new update, all most amp function are not working after updating new version, i am getting lots of error in my existing pages and post, that not load properly in mobile or desktop layout, its looking like missing CSS in some pages or posts,
    also AMP auto ads are not working

    • Hey dear me also Facing same problem, but after disabled the tag dive mobile theme plugin, my site now going fine.

      I think tag dive team need to fix some issues in amp mobile theme plugin.

      In amp theme thare is no option to disable amp on specific page.

      I don’t want my home page amp.

      Please Tag dive team retake your plugin and resolve the bugs.

      • Hi,

        The option to disable AMP per page will not be available if the mobile theme is activated and enabled for AMP in the theme panel. Only if the mobile theme is not enabled for AMP will that be possible. It is not an actual issue, this is intended. The homepage will be the mobile homepage, same as it was before when using the mobile theme plugin. If you have encountered errors or issues with the AMP and Mobile theme functionality please send us an email at and mention as many details as possible about them. We will try to recreate them on our end. Let us know.

        Thank you!

    • Hi,

      The guide mentions the needed steps to take if you want to use the AMP + mobile theme implementation. Install the AMP plugin, install the mobile theme plugin, then activate them both. The next step is to activate the mobile theme for AMP, in the theme panel If these steps are respected there would be no problem. In case there is a problem in your case, please send us an email at and provide admin login so we can take a look. Mention as many details as possible about each problem. Let us know.

      Thank you!

  7. I recently installed the mobile theme. However, my adsense page – level ads which used to show are not showing anymore on the mobile theme. What might be wrong?

      • Hi,

        If my reply from above doesn’t help with the problems you are having, please send us an email at and specify some more details about them. We will try to help as best we can.

        Thank you!

    • Hi,

      The mobile theme has it’s own ad sections in the theme panel. Ads you implemented on desktop will not who on mobile when the mobile theme is active. Please check in the theme panel mobile theme section, place the ad codes for mobile there. If you have activated the mobile theme for AMP as mentioned in the guide, there will be a spot for the auto ads code.

      Thank you!

  8. The AMP plugin screws up my desktop site layout!
    Hello, I followed your guidance, but when I activate the AMP plugin, this screws up the layout of my desktop site.
    Please see the screenshot

    How can I resolve? Do you have any workaround? Are you aware of this problem?

      • I am experiencing the Same kind of problem. I have activated the Mobile Theme plugin and then the AMP Plugin. Made all the Configuration mentioned. But desktop site is completely broken. When I disabled the AMP plugin but the Mobile theme is active, there is No problem. But with activating the AMP plugin desktop site breaks.

  9. I have not enabled auto ads on AMP pages but turned ON mobile theme for AMP pages, will ads still show on my AMP pages?

  10. Hello
    I’m encountering some issues with activating and configuring AMP on my site.
    1- going on the plugins page of the theme “Journal” has the AMP plugin called “TagDiv AMP”, more accessing the theme document, and seeing all the step by step the image that appears and an AMP plugin called “Official AMP for WP “which to me seems to be two different plugins.
    2- Activating the AMP “TagDiv AMP” plugin that appears in my theme and following this step by step. plug-ins settings> mobile theme> mobile settings>
    does not appear the option to activate “show on amp”
    I wait for an answer.

    • Hi,

      1. Starting from theme version 9.6 the official AMP plugin can be used together with the mobile theme plugin. You can install them both from the theme plugins panel The TagDiv AMP plugin is not available anymore, it was used in theme versions up to 9.6.

      2. Maybe you use an older theme version, what is presented in this guide will not be available for theme versions older than 9.6. If that is the case and you want to update, here is a guide

      In case you have more questions, please create a new topic in the theme forum, or send us an email at and we will help you.

      Thank you!

  11. Hi there

    I have installed the tagdiv amp plugin and can successfully get to my amp pages by appending ‘/?amp’ to the end of the URL. The problem is that the URL that is being output in the header code as the amp version does not have the ‘?’, leading to a broken 404 page. Please advise as to how this can be fixed as even though the AMP pages are there no search engine is going to be able to find them without the correct URL structure.


    • Hi,

      You seem to be using an older theme version and the previous TD-AMP plugin. That should still work properly. Try re-saving the permalinks in the WordPress settings, then check again. If the same is happening, please send us an email at and provide admin login, we will take a look.

      Thank you!

  12. Code Block shortcode is not working with AMP
    function code
    function footag_func( $atts ) {
    return “foo = {$atts[‘foo’]}”;
    add_shortcode( ‘footag’, ‘footag_func’ );

    on post I used like this
    [footag foo=”lemon test for shortcode”]

    Here shorcode not displaying as I implement in function.

    • Hi,

      Does the shortcode work in the normal non-AMP post (desktop version)? Are you using the mobile theme and AMP implementation provided by the theme? I tried a contact form shortcode as a test, seems to display in the mobile theme and AMP version. If you have more questions, please create a new topic in the forum or send us an email at

      Thank you!

    • Hi,

      Currently that is not possible, when the mobile theme and AMP are active they will apply to the whole website. There will be an update coming however, and an option will be added to choose if you want to disable AMP for specific posts or pages. The update will be available as soon as possible.

      Thank you!

    • Yes sir but when i connect amp to mobile theme the page not show ..its show “ currently unable to handle this request. As i can’t use both i wann to use both plugin combin
      Please help me !

      • Hi,

        Could be insufficient resources, or something in the server configuration. If you want us to take a look, please send us an email at and allow us admin access, also provide cPanel access if possible and as many details as possible about the problem. Let us know.

        Thank you!

  13. Sir Im activate AMP but its shows “Native mode activated! However, there was an error when checking the AMP validity for your site. Internal Server Error” How i fix its ?

    • Hi,

      We could take a look, please send us an email at and provide a link to your website and admin access. Unfortunately, the Blog is not assigned to the Customer Support Center. You can also create new topics in the theme forum. If you don’t already have an account on the forum, please create one (it takes about 1 minute).

      Thank you for understanding!

  14. Okay sir.. but when i am activate tagdiv official mobile theme and Official AMP it not work and in the mobile mode the website not access whereas in desktop mode website is access. AND when i am delete the official AMP plugin then the website access mobile mode otherwise not . ” shayarix currently unable to handle this request ” please solve my problem sir. THANK U !

    • Hi, Trittya!

      To help you, we need your collaboration. 🙂 Please open a new topic on the Support Center and provide all the details. Our support team is ready to assist you. Unfortunately, the blog is not assigned to the support team and it takes longer to receive help here.

      Thank you for understanding.

  15. Okay mam

    But whats the issue why mobile theme and amp not work togather in my website. I used version 9.6 of newspaper theme. And mobile theme n Amp support in 9.6 version… but in my website its not support . Tell me some solution.

    • Hi,

      Sorry for the delayed response. First please try and update to version 9.6.1 if you haven’t already. There are now more options that can be used in the theme panel regarding AMP, we have updated the documentation
      In case there is a problem, please send us an email at and mention more details about it. Also provide your website and admin login so we can investigate if needed. Let us know.

      Thank you!

    • Hello,

      We recommend using our AMP plugin implementation but this is not mandatory. If you are happy with your own AMP plugin, this is not required for the proper functionality of the theme. The downside in using untested plugins is that we will not going to be able to help if for any reason your AMP implementation does not work properly. If you need further assistance our support team will be happy to help with any requests on our official support forum at

      Thank you!
      Bogdan B

  16. So, even though I had thought I set the mobile theme settings to Mobile only, it appears that /amp URLs were still being generated and indexed. I don’t necessarily want to use AMP, per se, but if the Newspaper mobile theme is going to assist with mobile page load speeds, I’d like to use it.

    Is the Newspaper just an AMP skin, or can it truly be used without the AMP plugin being enabled? I can’t find much information about it, so any clarification you could provide would be appreciated.


    • Hi,

      That should not happen. If the mobile option is selected in the mobile theme settings, there will be no link to an AMP page to be indexed, in the page source. Maybe you had AMP active before, it may take a while for Google to see that AMP is not available anymore. The mobile theme will noticeably improve the loading speed on mobiles, it will display a much simplified version of the website, using predefined templates. It’s part of the theme package for a long time, I believe even before AMP was released. It can be used by itself (this was the case until a few updates ago), or together with the official AMP plugin. If you have more questions please let us know, you can always create a new topic in the forum, or send us an email at

      Thank you!